Import Preview: The King of Fighter 2000 - Dreamcast

August 11, 2002 8:36 PM PST

The entire gaming world mourned the passing of SNK, whether they knew it or not. They were an institution; legendary in their defiance of 'progress'. They were the gods of low-res 2D. And now from the ashes of the past, Playmore has risen phoenix-like to bring us that gameplay no-one else can provide. And so with great anticipation I ordered their first new work for a (non-AES) console; KOF 2000.

I like it. I like it a lot. It's got a good feel, not only in gameplay, but in atmosphere. The music sounds very similar to KOF '97 (a good thing, in my opinion), and the backgrounds have not been changed to 3D as in KOF '99 Evolution for DC. I can't place my finger on it just yet...something about this version is incredibly *fun*. It's lighthearted and stylish, but feels very solid at the same time.


As for new additions; the puzzle mode is surprisingly enjoyable. It's not much fun to watch necessarily (check the videos), but it's actually very relaxing to play. Plus you get to listen to many songs from SNK's past while you play (Metal Slug, Last Blade, etc). This is also a much better way to release gallery photos than in something like MotW which was more like 'play some undetermined amount until you get them'. Puzzle mode, contrary to earlier reports is very easy to unlock. Just beat the game one on any difficulty level. Puzzles can be completed in under 5 minutes once you get to be a superstar like me. That's right...KOF Pozzle SUPAR STARRR.

Since there's no english in the game this time round I figured I'd let you have some SNKglish of my own.


I've yet to figure out the extra 'another striker' stages, but I'll have that under control by the time I release a full review (next week). So for now enjoy the movies, and check out some of the gallery shots. As far as I can tell this is a decided victoly for SNK fans worldwide.

Brandon Sheffield




Release Date
August 8, 2002


Kyo vs. Lin

(0:34 - 4.6 MB)

Kensou vs. King

(0:28 - 3.38 MB)

Puzzle 1

(0:20 - 1.07 MB)

Puzzle Metal Slug Music

(0:31 - 2.21 MB)