Reviews/Previews as of 4/12/2004

Minibosses EP - CD

The Minibosses CD is good, but they're not selling it anymore. You might not want to hear about what you missed, then.


April 12th, 2004

April 9th, 2004


Siren - PS2

IGGY the mighty wonderdog has penned an exceptional analysis of Siren. Discussed within: new-style narrative, depth of character, and actual horrific technique. Shocking, but they did it. Trouble is, due to the tactless localization, most of us will never get the full experience.

Gyakuten Saiban 3 - GBA

Tim has the verdict on Capcom's niche court adventure. Typing that sentence made me feel dirty. OVER-RULED!


April 4th, 2004

March 22nd, 2004


Astroboy: Tetsuwan Atom - GBA

Tim calls it a slice of videogame genius. A borrowed-from-a-bunny-girl copy of Astroboy is reviewed on a stolen-from-a-felon GBA. If you're looking for more hyphens, sorry...we're out. It's oldschool treasure at it's gunstarriest.

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch - GBA

MMPPP is music to your ears. Horrible, horrible music. If you're a glutton for aural punishment, this is your one stop shop. Metaphorically.


February 22nd, 2004

February 18th, 2004


Castlevania: Lament of Innocence - PS2

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence can be viewed as a stepping stone. It can be viewed as a failure, it can be viewed as a success. Or perhaps a little of all three. Contributor Matt Brent takes the analytical approach.

Sonic Battle - GBA

Sonic Battle is the latest heap of videogame dung to be piled upon the once-proud Sonic Team Legacy. Witness Tim's first truly negative review!


February 17, 2004

February 2nd, 2004


Yakiniku Bugyou Bonfire! - PS2

It takes a vegetarian to review a game this meat-filled. Yakiniku Buygou Bonfire! is a tour de force of mad-cow consumption, flesh frying, and crowd pleasing. Truly a game for the ages.

Hyper Street Fighter II: AE - PS2

On the 18th of December, Capcom released the Anniversary Edition of Street Fighter II. It would have been nice if they'd waited a little longer though. Not a bad game,'s just that we've played this one before.


January 5th, 2004

January 4th, 2004


Billy Hatcher - GC

The review in which Eric-Jon compares the design legacies and distilled contemporary design formulae of Sonic Team versus Nintendo EAD, and how the relative pitfalls of a decontextualized design paradigm are enhanced when you've a weaker conceptual basis to start with. Yep.

PC Genjin - GC/PS2

Two records broken in one day. First, I've reviewed a game within the week it was released. The nation gasps! Second, I finally like a game without reservation. Well - not much. Believe me, I'm as frightened as you are. PC Genjin, the remake of Bonk's Adventure (as it's called over here) for the PS2/GC, is a very fun game. Try and prove me wrong!


December 10th, 2003

November 24th, 2003


Psyvariar Complete - PS2

A short review for a short game. I've taken a look at Psyvariar Complete, and dissected the two games housed within. They've recently been re-released on their own, so this information may be pertinent. X button shoots+R2 to buzz=Boom.

Viewtiful Joe - GC

Another week, another Viewtiful Joe review. This one is by Josh, and nearly the exact opposite of Mathew's previous review. This begs the question - how many viewtiful joe reviews does it take to screw in a light on? Three. Here's number two.


November 12th, 2003

November 4th, 2003


Viewtiful Joe - GC

Viewtiful Joe positions itself as the savior of hardcore gaming in the eyes of many. This places an inordinate amount of pressure on the game...and Mathew finds that it just can't perform.


This is a review ten months in the making. Not so much to show for that really, I just couldn't begin to be satisfied with a final opinion on the game. At times it frustrated me - the review, not the game. I'm terribly conflicted as to where to place this in the KOF lexicon - it wants to be a console game, but feels very much like a handheld game. At the same time, it doesn't use the GBA to it's fullest either. You begin to see my conflict.


October 23rd, 2003

October 19th, 2003


P.N.03 - GC

Product Number 03 - it's gotten mixed reviews all round. Josh has a different approach, however. There's a good game in here - it's all about the mindset with which you approach it. Take another look at P.N.03.

F-Zero GX - GC

It's a pretty fast game.


October 3rd, 2003

September 6th, 2003


Winter Is... - GP32

Some four months ago, I was sent a translated copy of a review of Winter Is... - the 2nd visual novel for GP32. The original was in Korean, written by Yellowrider. Valken did the translation and I the localization. But I was hoping we could do better. Four months later, we did not. And there is still not one English language review of the game on the net, nor even a prominent Korean one. With that as a preface, I give you Winter Is...

Star Soldier - GC

Pure shooty action, promised and delivered to you by the good folks at Hudson Soft. Star Soldier literally reinvents the space shooter.


September 5th, 2003

August 29th, 2003


Madden 2004 - PS2

Tim constructs a spectator's review of a game based on a spectator's sport. It works, if you change your damn paradigm for once. DO IT. But I kid. I'm sure you're all very paradigm shifty.

Mario Golf Toadstool Tour - GC

Tim loves him some Mario Golf. Hates it too though. You know how we do.


August 9th, 2003

August 6th, 2003


Final Fantasy IV - PSX/WSX/SFC

As part of the FFDOG saga, tim has reviewed the venerable 'best final fantasy ever' across multiple systems, sort of. He did something, that's for sure.

Pirates of the Caribbean - XBOX

Pirates of the Caribbean from Bethesda began as a simple pirate game, before the movie license came along. So they bought the name, but not the imagery or the story. What you wind up with is a sort of pirate sim with a fancy action package. And a lame goatee.


July 28th, 2003

July 5th, 2003


KOF 2002 review 2 - DC

The game's made well enough. It plays well enough. But I just don't like it. I wish I could change that.

Night Raid - PSX

Night Raid is Takumi's first self-published title - they haven't released a game since. Is there a connection? The ever-brutal Charles Mugg takes their latest shooter to task. I'm still crossing my fingers for Mars Matrix 2.


July 2nd, 2003

June 30th, 2003


Wario World - GC

Shepard Saltzman, friend to Eric-Jon, submitted this review. Add tim's unreview, and you've the following writing resultant. Wario World is Treasure's biggest budget title ever, but that doesn't show through in the final product. Greed, perhaps?

Final Fantasy Origins (FFII) - PSX

Tim considers this one the worst of the bunch. With that battle system, he may be right. The FFDog II companion review reveals all!


June 28th, 2003

June 24th, 2003


KOF 2002 review 1 - DC

Eric-Jon's review of KOF 2002 takes to task the interactions, or lack thereof, between the characters, the player, and the world of this game. It's not a pleasing discovery.

Metal Slug 3 - PS2

Metal Slug 3 for the PS2 is the best port of the year. It'll beat up your mom and take her money, it's that good. Buy this once twice.


June 23rd, 2003

June 22nd, 2003


Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow - GBA

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, when reviewed by becomes something of a platform for musical discussion. That fellow just can't seem to do anything normally.

But I don't complain.

Made in Wario - GBA

If you want a straight review of Made in Wario, (Wario Ware in the US) you can find that. If you want something else, you can find that too. Just depends on what you want to see.


June 21st, 2003

May 26th, 2003


Eternal Fighter Zero - PC

Eternal Fighter Zero, the eternally updated 2D doujin fighter. Gabriel takes a look at the game in it's latest incarnation.

Iridion II - GBA

Iridion II fixes the faults of it's predecessor, making for one fine bundle of shooty goodness. Is this the best shooter you can get on the GBA for $14.99?? N. Rambutan might say so.


May 13th, 2003

May 11th, 2003


Ikaruga Appreciate - DVD

You can't simply purchase the skill needed to master a game like Ikaruga, but thanks to Treasure, you can see just what you need to do in a single, region-free DVD. Reader Dr Ian shares his thoughts on this magical piece of performance art.

Game Boy Player - GC

GB Player, you know I only hit you because I love you. You just make me so mad sometimes. Here, let me buy you a present. Yeah, it's Puyo Pop. Try it on, see if it fits.

Witness! The Gameboy Player review!


May 8th, 2003

May 3rd, 2003


Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - GC

Eric-Jon's discussion of Wind Waker takes to task the complacence of the contemporary era of gaming, specifically within the ranks of Miyamoto's followers. A fine game though it may be, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker's underlying structural flaws reflect the problems of the industry at large.

Final Fantasy Origins - FF1 - PSX

Tim plays through Final Fantasy One without sleeping. Although he insists that his judgement was not impaired, I'll leave the final decision up to you.


April 30th, 2003

April 23rd, 2003


Mobile Light Force 1 and 2 - PSX/PS2

Two perfectly fine import shooters were recently brought to the US by a perfectly horrible company. Read the full review of both Mobile Light Force (Gunbird) and Mobile Light Force 2 (Shikigami). While it may be rife with humor, but don't let that distract you from the horror, the violence of...MLF.

Soul Calibur II - GC/PS2/Xbox

The prodigal son returns! Tim Rogers is back with a new review, and he's even more prodigal than ever. Right. Soul Caliber II is the game, with every platform taken into consideration here. The first game to make Tim scream at the television...but will it warm your callous gamer's heart? Read on.


April 9th, 2003

April 4th, 2003


Skies of Arcadia Legends - GC

After a drunken binge, our old popular pal Chris Woodard took a thoughtful look at Skies of Arcadia Legends for Gamecube. It's a game with a soul, and a review to match. Definitely worth a read, and one of my recent favorites!

Melty Blood - Windows

As some of you may know, Watanabe Productions has finally moved out of the Doujin-soft world toward greener pastures. Before that, however, they made Melty Blood, a 2d fighting game collaboration with Tsukihime creators Type-moon. Coming from Watanabe, we're almost guaranteed a good game... but why settle for good?


April 3rd, 2003

March 21st, 2003


Gekido Advance - GBA

Gekido Advance is probably the nicest looking 2D beat 'em up ever to hit a console. But there are some gameplay troubles which may not allow you to appreciate this beauty. Gekido Advance is a mixed bag, spilled upon the floor for you by the adroit brandon sheffield.

Galerians: Ash - PS2

Galerians is a title with great character design and a solid decent premise. But any good in this game is marred by the lack of attention to gameplay, and the overall lack of cohesiveness. Drama awaits.


March 20th, 2003

March 19th, 2003


GamePak - PS2

If you carry your PS2 around, this is the just what you need to keep everything in order. Playable in the bag, shock absorbant, the PS2 GamePak is the backpack of...dare I say it...the future!

Karnaaj Rally - GBA

New contributer N. Rambutan recently discovered the bargain title Karnaaj Rally for GBA, and was very pleasantly surprised with what he found therein. Those of you who want vehicle combat on a shoe-string budget need look no further!


March 13th, 2003

February 26th, 2003


Guilty Gear X2 - PS2

Better late than never, how's about a Guilty Gear XX review? Four movies, 17 images await within. Review by Charles Mugg, a few supplemental impressions by yours truly, good times all round.

Rock Fever EX Solo - Arcade

Josh takes a look at IGS' latest musical arcade game at the Taipei Game Show. Is it the musical successor to the bemani series? Perhaps a glance within will help decide.


February 25th, 2003

February 16th, 2003


Rockman .EXE WS - SwanCrystal

Bandai's take on the Rockman franchise is perhaps the purest RM game available for contemporary handhelds. Now you want to know more, eh?

Angel Eyes - PSX

Angel Eyes. I like it, but it's truly not for everyone. The images, movies and impressions should give you a good idea of whether or not this game should make an entry in your 2D fighting lexicon.


February 9th, 2003

January 31st, 2003


Blinx: the Time Sweeper - X-box

Artoon's Blinx makes for a fine gaming experience. Can he carry the X-box into japanese gamers' hearts? This remains to be seen.

Mr Chin's Gourmet Paradise - GB

Mr Chin loves to eat. Calories for points? Indeed. Mr Chin is...rather an odd name if you've played an H-game or two.


January 29th, 2003

January 28th, 2003


The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - GBA

Religious fundamentalism, the rise of the internet, the god in the machine, it's all inside! Josh reviews both A Link to the Past and the Capcom developed Four Swords.

Panzer Dragoon Orta - X-box

Panzer Dragoon Orta. We waited...only to discover that the life had been sucked out of one of the most vibrant series in Sega's lineup. Tim takes a long hard look at the game that could have been, and I add my two cents as well.


January 10th, 2003

January 9th, 2003


King of Fighters 2001 - DC

So the port is lacklustre, yes. But the extras alone are worth the price and aggravation. Given my penchant for 2000’s gameplay, I find myself playing 2001 more for the puzzle mode than the fighting game. I’d even go so far as to say that puzzle fans who don’t care for KOF should get this. Find out why within.

Gekioh Shooting King - PSX

2D arcade shooting action for ten bucks. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, there's a hell of a lot right with that. Let not lack of 1337 skill stay your hand!


January 8th, 2003

December 17th, 2002


Phantasy Star Collection - GBA

Phantasy Star Collection for GBA. Is it worth your money? At $30, perhaps. If you're willing to tolerate a total lack of love in the port. Eric-Jon has the full review within.

Metroid Fusion - GBA

Metroid Fusion is not without its problems, but manages to be one of the better realized games for the GBA regardless. Eric-Jon Rössel Waugh gives his impressions.


November 27th, 2002

November 26th, 2002


Metroid Prime - GC

Metroid Prime - can this truly be the best game of all time? I remain unsure. But Tim has no trouble making the assertion.

Tomak: Save the Earth Again
(plus patch)
- GP32

The GP32 Tomak review has been updated to reflect the release of the new patch. While the game does take several steps forward, there are still a few problems with the game. Check inside to see what's changed.


November 16th, 2002

November 13th, 2002


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - PS2

Pre-order this review, or you won't get one! Suckah! Tim's take on GTA:VC evokes the 80s in both form and function. You can't resist!

Animal Crossing - GC

Alex Vo has revisited Animal Crossing for his own review of Nintendo's ambitious 'life sim'.


November 13th, 2002

November 12th, 2002


Zanac X Zanac - PSX

Charles Mugg has written up his impressions of Compile's return to the shooter world (I got my two bits in as well). The Zanac X Zanac review is here!

Raphael - GP32

Raphael is tailor made for the classic gamer, if anyone. But you may not be willing to shell out the dough for a game you've already played.


November 6th, 2002

November 5th, 2002


Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet - GC

Tim likes him some Star Fox. But Star Fox doesn't treat him with the same courtesy. Is there no justice?

Ikaruga - DC

Ikaruga, Treasure's final effort for the Dreamcast. The game has what it you? Greet Ikaruga as you would your long lost friend.


September 24th, 2002

September 3rd, 2002


Super Mario Sunshine - GC

" made me feel warm inside to see a smooth FMV of Shadow Mario with Princess Peach under his arm, jumping into the cockpit of a giant turtle-shaped boat headed for an amusement park on an island, as three Toads stand by, jumping and shouting..."

The King of Fighters 2001 - Neo Geo

Charles Mugg takes a look at the ever-pricey home cartridge version of KOF 2k1. Is it worth your hard earned whole month's paycheck? Find out inside!


August 29th, 2002

August 24th, 2002


Rez - DC / PS2

There’s something about on-rails shooters, an entity that is both concurrently earthy and unbelievable, an inventive, mind-melding fusion of classic gameplay and incredible visuals. If there was any question, ever a shred of doubt, as to why the on-rails shooter should continue to exist, then the answer would surely be Rez.

Glove on Fight - PC

It's been discussed to death on newsgroups around the globe. People have praised and dismissed it with equally convincing voices. Finally, Insert Credit can bring you the very thing you've waited for...the truth about Glove on Fight!!!


July 6th, 2002

July 3rd, 2002


Tomak: Save the Earth Again! - GP32

Sporting their infamous potted heads, Seed9 brings their shooter to the GP32. Tomak: Save the Earth Again! is your only shooter choice for the GP32. Bide your time, this one is a bleak disappointment.

SkyGunner - PS2

Exactly nine months ago, Japanese PS2 owners were able to experience SkyGunner, a fine rookie effort from Sony developer PixelArts. Vincent takes a look at the American release, courtesy of those wonderful guys at Atlus.


June 27, 2002

June 25, 2002


Sin and Punishment - N64

Good old Treasure, you can always count on them to satisfy the craving for solid shooter goodness. Alex Vo takes a heaping helping of Sin and Punishment for the Japanese Nintendo 64...

Kingdom Hearts - PS2

You got your Squaresoft in my Disney! You got your Disney in my Squaresoft! All sillyness aside, Kingdom Hearts provides an enjoyable action-RPG experience, once/if you get past the hodgepodge of Disney and Squaresoft characters...


June 13, 2002

June 12, 2002


Her Knights - GP32

Killer app, must purchase, whatever you would like to call it. The GP32 now has a game that fans of the beat 'em up genre need to take notice of. Part Guardian Heroes and part Samurai Shodown, Byulbram's first GP32 effort is the best game on the system yet.

Shenmue II - Dreamcast

Yu Suzuki's Shenmue II made a big Europe. Josh looks at the PAL version and sees what American Dreamcast gamers are missing out on.


May 18, 2002

May 20, 2002


Super Puzzle Fighter II X For Matching Service - Dreamcast

Five years is a long time to wait for a sequel. While that is not quite what we recieve, Capcom delivers another solid puzzle game in this Dreamcast release.

Psychic Killer Taroumaru - Saturn

Few games are rarer than the Sega Saturn's rarest, Time Warner Interactive's Psychic Killer Taroumaru. Does the game presented within justify the high asking price in the second-hand market? Vincent gives the answer...


May 18, 2002

April 19, 2002


Eithea - PSX

A year after the game is released to gamers in Japan, who quickly made the game the number 1 selling game of the week, Atlus announces a rerelease of Eithea under their Atlus Best Collection label. Vincent discovers just what makes this game tick...

Dungeon and Guarder - GP32

One of the first GP32 games to be released, Dungeon and Guarder shares a role defining the future of the Korean handheld. Brandon takes a look at this traditional beat 'em up and passes judgement...


April 12, 2002

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