News: Pocketeers 3D GBA engine

December 31, 2002 10:41 PM PST

Pocketeers / BS

If you can bear the terribly intrusive GBA snow, take a look at the GBA 3D engine from’s quite impressive. In the video section you’ll find lots of downloads which show off the technology. Treat yourself to the Zero Tolerance (GTA clone-ish) video at the very least.

News: Bluelight for DC

December 31, 2002 10:40 PM PST

Energy / BS

Another shooter is hitting the dreamcast, this one vertically oriented, made by Energy. It’s still very early (firing is disabled) but you can download the alpha build here if you wish. From a post by Energy at the consolevision board.

News: Chess the Emotion War bgm

December 31, 2002 10:33 PM PST

Team Blaze / BS

Not sure if it’s new, or I just missed it last time around, but at the top of the Emotion Wars screens page, you can download a sample bgm from the game. And if I’m not mistaken, this is TeamBlaze’s first year anniversary! They released a drab image in celebration. You can view it here!

News: Death of Handheld HQ

December 31, 2002 10:24 PM PST

Handheld HQ / BS

Handheld HQ boasted being the first site to discuss the GP32 in the English language, but after one short year it has closed its metaphorical doors. A silent moment for a departed companion.

Webmaster Harvey Swick can still be contacted via email, or on the insert credit forums.

News: Industry jobs

December 31, 2002 10:20 PM PST

Various / BS

Abogado Powers needs a scenario writer!! If you think your Japanese is up to par, and your H-skills deadly enough, read this page for further details.

Handheld Hard and Software maker Cybiko is looking for a gamesoft programmer for their personal computer/gaming device. The full news is available at Cybla (no Japanese knowledge needed for this one).

Dimps needs a project assistant! Get in good with the greats of SNK! More details here.

News: Feet of Fury for DC

December 30, 2002 11:14 PM PST

Crypcit Allusion / BS

New screens of Feet of Fury, the homebrew full-release Dreamcast title from Cryptic Allusion Games. The game is being developed with the KOS homebrew devkit, and supports most dance pads. The complete version will feature a mode called Typing of Fury (as seen on the right), presumable for use with the keyboard. Two player battle mode is strongly emphasized, and an 'item battle' mode is planned. Download an mpeg preview of the game here, and a test version of the game itself here. Shots taken from the consolevision post.

News: Snow White homepage renewal

December 30, 2002 11:12 PM PST


This is promising. Upon renewal of GPUN’s homepage, several new images were released. There is perhaps no GP32 title to await with greater anticipation than this. Go to the intro page to see the excellent character art as well. Here’s hoping for a release in Q1 2003!! Thanks to GP32 Notebook for the link..

News: ADIC 2002 results

December 30, 2002 11:09 PM PST

GP32 News / BS

The results are in, so to say. Check out the winners list. I don’t want to add insult to injury, but the number one title here was not made known to me, and as a result I did not vote on it. Just an interesting note. My scores are posted here.

News: SNESGP public again!

December 30, 2002 11:06 PM PST

Snes9xGP Team / BS

After being private for only a few months, the SNES GP32 emulator has received another public update. Grab it here before they change their minds!

News: Tim Rogers^2?

December 29, 2002 10:00 PM PST

???? / TR / BS

Well this was unexpected. What we’ve got here, is a Tim Rogers impersonator. Tim did not write this letter to Gameforms. It’s not terribly unlike something he’d say, but just different enough. So, who’s behind it? A curiosity for you to ponder, and likely the fuel for a future editorial.

News: FFX-2 movie at Ruliweb

December 29, 2002 9:57 PM PST

Ruliweb / BS

It’s here if you want it. Big download, dial-ups beware!!! The game looks sharp, but definitely what I’d call ‘pandering’. Don’t know if that’s a bad thing, financial woes and all.

Thanks to Rid for the news

News: New Disgaea wallpaper

December 29, 2002 9:54 PM PST

Gamespot Japan / BS

The wallpaper is over at the Zdnet Disgaea download site. It's never too much. Thanks to Zepy's MMCafe BBS post.

Opinion: Xbox live marketing

December 28, 2002 10:08 AM PST

Xbox Live / TR / BS

Take a gander at this Xbox Live online marketing IQ test. What they're trying to do here, is show the superiority of Xbox over PS2 in terms of online ease and playability. But this is done a most derogatory way. here's a sample question and answer prompt:

Question 3:
How many personalities do you have?

A. One. Duh.
B. Several. I'm kinda moody. Like a girl.

It's tough to argue with the fact that it's easier to connect to the net with an Xbox. But marketing like this is ridiculous. Please feel free to make liberal use of their 'comments' link at the bottom of the page. Addendum I'd like to urge you to discuss this in the forum (direct thread link)...I'm curious how this sort of thing affects people. Can it be that it actually appeals to someone?

News: KOF 2001 is number two!!

December 28, 2002 10:08 AM PST

Namae no Nai Heya / BS

As you'll see on the front page of Namae no Nai Heya (today at least), The King of Fighters 2001 is in second place for sales this weekend, sandwiched between Kingdom Hearts Final Mix normal and limited versions. Here's the breakdown of the top five.

Kingdom Heart FM: 71,717
KOF2001: 15,931
KHFM limited: 13,649
Mirigo: 10,306
Kizashieyo (I think): 10,027

Thanks to Iggy's Post in the MMcafe forum for the tip.

News: Kid bytes

December 28, 2002 10:05 AM PST

Hudson Soft / BS

There’s an MP3 for Kid's upcoming title My Merry May Be over here, if you simply click the download link.

Erde was released on the 19th...slipped by me somehow. Check out the gallery for some nice CG.

News: GBA Bobobo test

December 28, 2002 10:03 AM PST

Hudson Soft / BS

Head on over here to play a flash version of a battle in the Bobobo WPG. Looking at the screen, there are three initial buttons for you to click. On the left; Item, on the far right; run away. You can’t use either of these in this flash, so simply click the top/middle button which engages the fight. Basically you start a combo with the A button, and end it with the B button. Simply pressing the B button is also possible. To fully understand what you were doing you’d have to thoroughly read the battle system page, which I am unlikely to translate. But try different combinations of things, emphasizing those slot stops which contain “?” or “!” marks. Have fun! And catch the two new wallpapers while you’re at it.

News: Powerdolls 5x movie

December 28, 2002 10:00 AM PST

Kodago Software / BS

Kodago Software (Rasetsu Xan, etc) has released a demo cinema of their December 20th PC release; Power Dolls 5x. It’s a Mech SRPG/Gal Get game with a very long running history, and incarnations on multiple consoles (SS, PC-fx). Additional wallpapers, OP & ED movies and themes can be found here.

Thanks to Othernews for the link.

Feature: The Astonishia Story story

December 27, 2002 8:20 PM PST

Insert Credit / BS

Astonishia Story R has had countless praises lauded upon it since its release. This is something even I must admit to. But a deeper look at the battle system demonstrates that all of the gloss and sheen in the world cannot save you from the monstrous problems within the game. Read why Astonishia Story R, while your only choice, may not be the best one. If that even makes sense.

News: New game from Falcom

December 27, 2002 7:37 PM PST

Falcom / BS

Falcom announced today that they would be producing a new action RPG called Moonlight Destiny, from their Falcom Overseas (Korea) division. This is the Overseas Div’s second title after Rhapsody of Zephyr, which saw well-received PC and Dreamcast releases. At this time, only a few game-shots, some character design and a screensaver are available. The game will ship in March of 2003. The story takes place in China, where a young man is fighting to become number one in the martial arts world. Things get complicated when he falls in love with a superior’s daughter. The Rendered CG ARPG is expected to be heavy on story and melodrama, much like Rhapsody of Zephyr. More news as it comes.

Also, I finally found confirmation for Ys I and II Eternal Story for PS2. Digicube is still planning to release the game in spring of 2003. The “original games” will be playable as well as the arranged Eternal versions (same as in the PC version). And there's apparantly (according to The Sugoi, at least) to be a new scenario surrounding an original character. But I do wonder what they mean by the "original game", seeing as the best console version came out for PCE, but it was certainly not the first. Time will most certainly tell.

News: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix new shots

December 27, 2002 7:36 PM PST

Squaresoft / BS

Square has supplied additional shots of Kindom Hearts final mix for PS2. Check out new weapons for Donald and Goofy, as well as stills from the new hidden ending movie...looks even more impressive than before! Sadly I cannot direct link you as the site is flash-based. So click till you find it here.

Thanks to the MMCafe Board for the link

News: Shienryuu Gekioh gets US release!

December 27, 2002 7:36 PM PST

Natsume / CM / BS

Charles Mugg just let me know that the classic vertical shooter Shienryuu Gekioh has finally come to the US after having two great installments on the Saturn and PSX! The Playstation version has been brought overseas by the fellows at Natsume, though you’ll see nothing about it on their website. The game (retitled Gekioh Shooter King) was released on December 17th for a mere $10, so if you’re any kind of shooter fan you’ll go pick this up immediately. The game has some of the nicest 2D graphics I’ve seen in a shooter for PSX. I do wonder if they kept all the minigames from the Japanese version, but this will all be cleared up when I review the title shortly.

Image stolen from a review of the saturn version by Triggerzone.

News: Pidgeon Blood OST

December 26, 2002 7:27 PM PST

Abogado Powers / BS

Abogado Powers has release the OST for Pidgeon Blood in two disc form over at Candypop Records. The enhanced CDs feature original and arranged versions of the soundtrack as well as additional wallpapers and such. Order it in the Candypop online shop.

Such an odd label...they only release soundtracks for H games. I guess wherever there's a market...

News: Dreamcast release list

December 26, 2002 7:25 PM PST

Sega / BS

While we’re over at Sega Japan, check out the long-term schedule. There you’ll find that there are at least four non-ADV/visual novel titles in the works aside from KOF 2002! Izumo, an RPG from Shimbyou Planning (of Castle Phantasia "fame"), Ring Age and LitherB from Takuyo; an RPG and puzzler respectively. Lastly there's a training sim from Sega called "I Will Make a Monster!". I've taken the liberty of translating the list for you here.

News: Dreamcast re-releases

December 26, 2002 7:23 PM PST

Sega / BS

Sega has announced their lineup for Dreamcast re-releases in a Christmas press release. The titles are as follows:

March 6, 2003:

Napple Tale ~ Arsia in Daydream~
Shenmue II
De La Jet Set Radio
Yume no Tsubasa
Princess Maker Collection

March 20, 2003:

Crazy Taxi 2
Zero Gunner 2
Nadesico The Mission
Record of Lodoss Wars

Fantastic news. Each will retail at a mere 2800 yen, making this the perfect time to pick up Napple Tale, Segagaga and Zero Gunner 2 if you’ve yet to do so. Those three at the least will be reviewed upon (re)release. Thanks to Segafans for the link.

News: Nuon bytes

December 26, 2002 7:19 PM PST

Nuon Dome / BS

Two Nuon bits today...first of all Decaying orbit from DragonShadow Industries has received a port from PSX to the NUON!! Check out the latest build here.

The Bombuzal clone (now called BOMB) has received an update as well…the level editor is now available! Check it out at it’s new home.

Thanks to Othernews for the link.

News: KOF 2K2 confirmed for DC

December 26, 2002 7:08 PM PST

Playmore / BS

KOF 2K2 is indeed coming home to the Dreancast! Visit the online schedule to confirm your suspicions.

News: Oldergames free minigames

December 25, 2002 1:04 AM PST

Oldergames / BS

Oldergames has released their free minigames compilation today...go give it a download! We're an official mirror for the program, so try not to kill us with downloads if you can. Now stop reading this and go be with your damn families! Happy holidays from everybody at IC.

News: KOF 2K2 on Dreamcast

December 25, 2002 12:59 AM PST

Playmore / BS

According to Namae no Nai Heya, the latest issue of Dorimaga lists KOF 2002 as a future Dreamcast title. Great to know! I don't think this rules out a PS2 port, but DC owners will definitely be getting first bite.

News: Gamespot Japan info

December 24, 2002 4:15 PM PST

Gamespot Japan / BS

While we’re talking about Hajime no Ippo: the Fighting for GBA, why not check out some movies of the game? From the Gamespot info page.

here’s a new opening and portion of a vocal drama for the upcoming (2/2003) PS2 ADV guardian Angel. And here’s the Gamespot page with more images, et cetera.

Head on over to the disgaea website to hear a ‘Christmas message from a devil’. That’s what I’m talking about. Today and tomorrow only.

News: New Dreamcast title

December 24, 2002 4:10 PM PST

Alchemist / BS

Princess Holiday is an ADV title ported from the august released PC version (which Gamespot Japan calls ‘fantastic’). There will be many new additions to the DC version, but it has become an ‘all ages title’, so no more ecchi bits! Here’s the story: A wandering minstrel returns home after three years of absence. He comes upon a princess who has escaped from the imperial castle, and decides to raise her (what would you do?). Of course you also meet many other girls along the way. The DC release is planned for spring of 2003. Great to know that the system will "survive" for at least one more year! More shots available in the Gamespot Japan article.

News: Latest from Dengeki Online

December 24, 2002 3:53 PM PST

Dengeki Online / BS

Lots of dengeki news! This just in: spyro is wacky! Not to mention advanced. Spyro drops in on the dev team at Konami. ehhh.

Join Club Sega! Sega has refurbished their old ‘hightech-land’ building in Kanagawa and redubbed it Club Sega. First floor will house prize games and photo booths, second floor is home to medal games (how are they distinguished from prize games?), third floor has the arcade games. Further, there will be a crepe store by the entrance called ‘Crazy Crepes’. So, if you live in Kanagawa...

New Devil May Cry goods from digicube. The dante figure and the sword necklace are probably the most interesting.

That damned (fantastic) Zookeeper Game is coming to Japanese cellphones courtesy of Robot and Success. Amazingly, rather than subscription service, this one is a one-time download for 150 yen. It seems that Success’ Superlite series is now extending to cellphones, as you can see here. Other titles include magical drop, some original puzzle games, mahjong, and of course, the brilliantly named Poker and BJ. All available for under US $1.50. Just one more reason to move to japan! Why are these games not being released here?? I’m tired of moto GP!

News: Dreamcast homebrew news

December 24, 2002 3:42 PM PST

Various / BS

Cyberdog Castle over in rainy NY, has got a new DC title in the works, which they proclaim to be the first sponsored game using free DC dev tools. Here’s an excerpt from the press release: Mike Siecieska's Motocross, the first game in a series of games to be produced and published by Cyberdog Castle for the Dreamcast in 2003, will feature several modes of play in both multi-player and single player modes. Mike Siecieska, a rider in Western New York's motocross circuit, will not only appear in the game, but he will have plenty of creative control in the game as well.
More on this as it comes.

New (only) screenshot of Ganksoft’s upcoming homebrew game for dreamcast. The game is a horizontal shooter, and sports excellent prerendered sprite and poly graphics. They warn that everything in this game is suubject to change, as it's still got a long way to go. Great shot though!

Last bit: here's a Christmas gift from DC evolution! Surmounting their poor grammar and spelling, the team of emu-elite has compiled a burnable ISO of what they view to be the 25 best homebrew games, programs and emu for dreamcast. Visit them post-haste!

Links found at Consolevision.

News: Bobobo for PS2

December 23, 2002 3:15 PM PST

Hudson / BS

BoBoBo is getting a second edition on the PS2 console it seems! Check out the screen to see the wordplaying battle system in glorious 3D!! The news was released at Shonen Jump!’s JumpFesta on the 22nd, but not the release date or any other plans (which should be forthcoming). Looking sharp aniki!!!

News: Wide-angle cellphone lense

December 23, 2002 3:01 PM PST

Hudson / BS

Hudson has released a super wide lens for cellphone/digicam! They largely tout the ‘goofiness’ of the images possible (case in point the pics of the pets), but to me the applications seem much more interesting and useful. One could capture an entire landscape in this way. Is it the first telephoto cellphone/digicam lens? I’m not sure, but it’s certainly a fantastic idea! Click on the button (light blue) to see the free wrist strap you receive if you order between now and the 6th of January. Only 880 yen, and probably compatible with US phones, other than those on which the camera lens extends beyond the face of the phone. Applies with double-stick tape. If you’re interested in this, email Hudson at this address.

News: Treasure Strike service ends

December 23, 2002 2:42 PM PST


Kid announced on friday that they will cease support for their online DC title Treasure Strike in late March 2003. Ever a company devoted to its fans, Kid has held onto the service for far longer than even Sega themselves.

News: Hajime no Ippo

December 23, 2002 12:01 AM PST

Dimps / BS

Taking a quick look at a link provided by Rid Hershel, I've learned of another GBA effort by Treasure. Hajime No Ippo: the Fighting is based off of the anime which in turn stems from the famous manga. It seems to be a Punch-out style affair, but with a more engaging storyline and something of a versus battle mode. View some shots here.

The big guys get bigger, and the small companies grasp at licenses...all is not right with the world.

News: Latest from Dimps

December 22, 2002 2:45 AM PST

Dimps / BS

The SNK expatriots Dimps have been doing a fair bit of work lately, while also practically becoming a Bandai subsidiary. First off, they've updated/renewed their page for their Digimon Frontier: Battle Spirits action game for Wonderswan Crystal. It's released, and looks...really nice.

Newish pics of their Bandai published Inu Yasha fighter can be found here. The game is a two on two tag battle, with player team-ups possible, very nice graphics and a great license. How do I not own this? Expect a review come late January.

Lastly, this is the reason cellphone games were created. Moero Sky Slave is a shooting RPG which is massively multiplayer via the wireless technology. Enix is the publisher. Further, the game features love sim aspects which allow conversation and character growth with the girl of your choice. Character designs by Aoi Nanase.
The story is typical; after leaving earth because of environmental pollution, most of humanity moved to mars and called it EDO (Japanese seem to run things in Mars). But then those remaining on earth start shooting missiles at mars and it was all downhill from there! You're fighting this war with 50,000 other users, and if you affect the tide of battle, the outcome is reflected on the homepage (!). The basic premise is; shoot up enemies to defend the girl. Then her affinity for you raises, you get to upgrade/customize your ship, and win pics of the girl you're protecting. Available now in japan only for 300 yen/month. This is an extreme case of wanting what you cannot have for me...So for now, check out some anime movies and very nice wallpapers and sounds.

News: Blinx vids

December 22, 2002 2:25 AM PST

Dodge The Bullett / BS

Charles Mugg has posted some new videos of Blinx the Timesweeper for Xbox. Expect a review of this title shortly.

News: Minor bytes

December 22, 2002 1:40 AM PST

various / BS

Some followups that needed attending to: The Azumanga Puzzle Daioh official page has been located. Seems the title is being developed by Moss, not Taito, who will instead take a publishing role for this one. This would certainly be Moss' highest profile game, far surpassing their multiple cellphone games, arcade effort Flip Maze (also for Taito) and the epic struggle of man against beast; the Namco-published Derby Quiz. Not enough to simply be a derby game, it's a QUIZ GAME about the derby. Too hardcore. Cute horse design though. Azumanga Puzzle Daioh is supposed to have an arcade showing within the month. Need I remind you this game is for the Naomi arcade board, so let's all keep our fingers crossed for that swift home release!

Dinosaur: Ressurection was released on the 19th by Falcom to a warm audience. The OST has also been released, as well as an arranged version of dinosaur (original), and many more obscure add-ons.

Then there's this thing posted by Pie on the IC board. Yow.

Download: Sexy Beach!!!

December 21, 2002 2:14 AM PST

Illusion Soft / BS

It's that time...Sexy Beach has been uploaded to the Illusion Soft download page. Your Sexy Beach experience awaits!! Looks like it uses the H-system from DesBlood 4 (that's a good thing)...Take that DOA Xtreme Beach Vollyball!

News: More Hudson info

December 21, 2002 2:14 AM PST

Hudson / BS

Japan's #1 boardgame series is back! The Momotarou series has long been one of the least importable games in the Hudson line-up. But for the truly die-hard fans, or those who just want to know what it's all about, here are some movies of the new PS2 version which is selling quite well (true to its name) in Japan.

Bomberman Jetters has been released for Gamecube and PS2! December 19th was the date, and in spite of the 3D this one actually looks very nice. New character designer as well (from the anime by the same name)...view the characters here. There are minigames, quest modes, deeper story and of course the original battle mode. This could be the return of the Bomberman excellence of the bygone era...

News: Bo~BoBo minigames/wallpaper

December 21, 2002 1:50 AM PST

Hudson / BS

Everybody's puzzle crazy right now...either this or they're really easy to make. Hudson has updated their Bo~BoBo/BoBo~Bo minigame page with two sliding puzzles for you to enjoy. And there are some excellent new wallpapers right over here. For those interested, the game was released two days ago for 4800 yen on GBA.

News: New GP32 game from Teamblaze

December 21, 2002 12:30 AM PST

Teamblaze / BS

Chess the Emotion Wars - new game for GP32 from Teamblaze. It's basically Chess, but you can use 'emotion' attacks (ie magic) as well, which seem to use some nice transparency as you can see to the left there, and on the screenshot page. Further there will be additional new rules, and possible RF support. The game has not yet been sanctioned by GamePark (thus the ? by the release), but if they know what's good for them it will be. Unfortunately this will be a MegaGP only release, so don't expect to play this one yourself anytime soon. Planned release is for January 2003!! So this game must be as complete as the shots indicate. And I am intrigued by the 'create' mode. Thanks to GP32 Notebook for the news.

News: River City Hacky Sack!!

December 20, 2002 4:19 PM PST

Namco / BS

Check out the RCHS Flash over at Something Awful. Plays a bit like the Technos Japan Dodgeball, but here you kill angels by hitting them with the sack. The downloadable version can be found here. Thanks to Omar's post in the MMCafe board for this news.

Another interesting flash game - Domo-Kun

News: Tales for GBA

December 20, 2002 4:06 PM PST

Namco / BS

Here comes a second Tales game for GBA from Namco...Tales of the World: Summoner's Lineage is the name of this one. Looks to be an isometric simulation rpg, with class changing, status building and deep story within the battle unit interactions.

Thanks to Rid Hershel for the news

News: More KOF wallpapers

December 20, 2002 2:04 AM PST

Playmore / BS

Yow...check out the new wallpapers in Playmore's download section. Tri-color Mai can do you no wrong. And the Burning Team has a new wallpaper as well...if you can manage to scroll down.

Linked from the MMcafe board by Freeter.

Interview: R.W. of Oldergames

December 19, 2002 3:02 PM PST

Insert Credit / BS

I recently took some time out with R.W. Bivins of Oldergames to discuss his latest projects. Covered topics include Kfoolio II, Hell Hotel, The Superfighter, Half-Life and Propella Arena, as well as other projects for the Turbo Duo, Neo-Geo CD, GP32, et cetera. Read the full interview here!

Fixed my stupid errors, thanks R.W. Some further info on Half-Life and Propella Arena is now included in the interview as well.

News: New version of Bombuzal

December 19, 2002 2:05 PM PST

Nuon Dome / BS

There's a new incarnation of the new Nuon homebrew available over at Nuon Dome...The game is based on Bombuzal for Amiga, the basic premise being; destroy the bombs and stay alive. The game is downloadable for free from Nuon Dome, so go check that out if you've got a Nuon. If you get it going, please let me know!

News: Sega Minitoys

December 19, 2002 2:03 PM PST

Sonicteam / BS

Rid Hershel posted on the MMcafe board about some new minigames from sonic team. To commemorate the release of Sonic Advance 2 for GBA, they've got several fun games over here, including a chao fortune and snow globe, a Dr. Eggman clock, and two sonic+friends puzzles. All of the mini flash items can be downloaded by clicking the appropriate 'win' or 'mac' buttons. Upon completion of the puzzles, you recieve a couple of desktop images.

News: KOF 2002 sprite rips

December 18, 2002 11:46 PM PST

Puar / BS

Puar has updated his sprite rip page with rips for every character from KOF 2K2...if you're into that sort of thing, head on over and take a gander.

News: Ys for PS2??

December 18, 2002 11:45 PM PST

The Sugoi / BS

Seems as though has gotten word that Falcom and Digicube are to release Ys: Eternal Story for PS2 on March 27th in Japan. I can't find their source for this, but...well it's not that far-fetched, so I'll bite. The planned game will be a console release of the PC Ys 1 and 2 Complete, both limited and normal editions. That's a pre-order title right there!!!

Review: Phantasy Star Collection; GBA

December 17, 2002 7:55 PM PST

Eric-Jon Rössel Waugh / BS

Phantasy Star Collection for GBA. Is it worth your money? At $30, perhaps. If you're willing to tolerate a total lack of love in the port. Eric-Jon has the full review within.

Incidentally if you're quite familiar with the series, you might want to jump straight to the review of the port.

News: More Kamex pics

December 17, 2002 7:37 PM PST

GPzigi / BS

Some new(ish) pics of Article Seezak's booth at Kamex for your viewing pleasure. No shots of the new title still...

News: The death of Crawfish

December 15, 2002 4:48 PM PST

various / BS

Crawfish, developer of SFa3 for GBA went into self liquidation on November 18th. Read a very disgruntled employees short testimony as reprinted on the S: NGP forum.

News: GP32 latest

December 15, 2002 4:46 PM PST

various / BS

If you hadn't figured it out, Firefly's GP32 game patcher is up to version 1.12, rather than the widely reported 1.11. So go check that out at the projects page.

The amazing looking Mill from Article Seezak was presented at KAMEX 2002. J from GP32 Notebook has shots of the game running on a GP32, as well as the booth and a move/combo list, box art, etc. Click on the below pics to go to GP32 Notebook and see their larger images.

Further news from GP32 Notebook: Seed9 has released a new version of the GP32 Tomak Patch. Check the download section here or direct link here. According to J, this new release simply has further difficulty adjustment, et cetera. Still no sight of that minigame though...(I honestly hope they didn't lower the difficulty any further. I expect also that they will fix the random restart bug.)

Kojote of PD Roms and GP32 emu has interviewed CHN, of Materlator and PlusIVe fame. Check the interview here. While you're in the CHN groove, go pick up the new version of his already fantastic C64 emu (PlusIVe) over at his site. He's updated his great MOD player as well.

Last but not least!! I've uploaded a free homebrew game I aquired from GPzigi. The game is called GF, and it an excellent puzzly/twitch game. Download it here until someone else (please) hosts it.

News: Seiken Densetsu for GBA

December 15, 2002 4:01 PM PST

Squaresoft / BS

Here's a very high quality scan of the upcoming Seiken Densetsu game for GBA (from Namae no Nai Heya). It's being developed by Brownie-Brown, who made the first game, as well as the beautiful Magical School.

News: Queen of King of...whatever

December 13, 2002 3:55 PM PST

??? / BS

Here's a fun pic. Rather humorous parody, especially when you consider the fact that of the two games parodied here (KOF '97 and Queen of Heart '99), one is already a parody of the other. Click the pic for a larger experience with the depth of the human soul.

News: GP32 info/downloads

December 13, 2002 3:43 PM PST

Various / BS

GP32 emu just posted news of a new release of Firefly's GP32 game patcher. The cheat-enabler comes with many new updates, and is downloadable at the GP32 projects page.

New media player out as well...This player can handle mp2, mp3, wma and ogg.

Last but not least comes a game called Tarot Card for GP32. Download the lot of them at GP32 Xtreme.

News: PS2 GGXX impressions

December 13, 2002 3:37 PM PST

Chupiler / BS

Chupiler of the MMCafe forums has posted his initial impressions of Guilty Gear XX for PS2, released not too long ago in Japan. View what he has to say here

News: KOF new wallpaper

December 12, 2002 2:33 PM PST

"SNK" / BS

Two new wallpapers available at Playmore's download page. Both are variations on a K theme earlier seen in the Dreamcast KOF 2000.

Thanks to Sha-V of the mmcafe board for the news

News: Sexy Beach new pic

December 12, 2002 4:19 AM PST


New image from Illusion Soft's upcoming free download Sexy Beach. click the pic to your left, or go to the main site, but that's the only new info at this time. Just wait until the 21st!

Tips: Hien installation

December 12, 2002 4:16 AM PST

Insert Credit / BS

A few tips for installation of the Legend of Hein demo we mentioned seems many (including myself) have had difficulty getting the thing to work, or even unpack. So here's the data we've compiled from people who have gotten it to work: in XP, you may have to go into the properties of the exe unpacker and select 'win 98 compatability'. In windows 98, try setting you language to japanese. In windows 2000, setting your computer's global ID to japanese may help as well. Everyone who has played it loves it, so it may well be worth another go. Any other ideas? Let me know!

News: Sakura Taisen PS2

December 11, 2002 11:49 PM PST

Sega / BS

Red/Overworks are releasing Sakura Taisen: Netsuki Chishou (Sakura Wars 1)for PS2 via Sega's online D-direct internet shop (now called sega direct, it seems). the PS2 version will have enhanced graphics, new scenarios and movies. Get the limited edition, and you recieve a pocketwatch and a bonus image album. Plus every order gets a phonecard and postcard! Not too shabby!

Original article at Gamespot Japan.

News: New version of GPscumm

December 11, 2002 11:39 PM PST

Ph0x / BS

Wow...Ph0x has released a new version of his Lucasarts GP32 emu GPscumm, which can be downloaded here. Now you can play games the likes of Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, Day Of The Tentacle, The Dig and more on your GP32!! Beat that eh?

Thanks to fx-man for this info.

News: Onna Kenshi Asuka: kenzan

December 11, 2002 11:37 PM PST

Chun Soft / BS

It seems as though Onna Kenshi Asuka (full name: fushigi no dungeon, fuurai shiren onna kenshi asuka kenzan), the 2D prerendered Dreamcast ARPG is coming to PC on the 20th of this month! That's the word from this Gamespot Japan article provided to me by our old pal Rid Hershel. The windows version boasts some manner of online play, a two-player co-operative mode if I'm not mistaken. Previously unbeknownst to me, it seems as though this game is based on a previous Chun Soft ARPG Fuurai Shiren. Check here for a movie of the PC version and a short Fuurai Shiren Internet promo. Incidentally, the Dreamcast version was published by Sega, and released through D-direct. This version too is published by the boys in blue, but should have more widespread market saturation.

News: Oldergames MMORPG

December 10, 2002 11:41 PM PST

Oldergames / BS

Oldergames has released an MMORPG it seems. The game is free to register, and can be found here. I've not quite figured the thing out yet, but it does look rather interesting.

In related news, Oldergames is still on track to release their free minigames download on December 25th (Christmas, as they call it).

News: Further info on Disgaea

December 10, 2002 11:08 PM PST

Nippon Ichi / BS

More info on Disgaea, the SRPG I mentioned last week. There's a great looking trailer for the game as well as some info in English:

general info
Black Congress.

You're definitely going to be seeing a review of this one.

Site News: Forum

December 10, 2002 7:47 PM PST

Insert Credit / BS

We're currently constructing a board for the site, so if anything appears's not my fault. We've got one up, but haven't linked to it yet. Secret! Be ready in the coming weeks for the full actualization of your conversing needs.

Free Bomberman Online game and the free downloadable Santa In Trouble game (direct link here), both made known to me by Segafans.

The Mario Flash cannot be resisted. Yeah it's old may not have seen it. eh?

News: GP32, good news and bad.

December 10, 2002 6:45 PM PST

various / BS

First the good news: new game called Clowns comes from Pekele. Get it here. It's a decent game where the clowns are on a see-saw, and you must have the bouncing clown land on the opposite side of the plank. Only thing that bugs me is that they land on the 'down' side, not the 'up' side. That's some pretty basic physics there.

Now to the bad news. GP32 Notebook has reported that FZ Media has put development of Vendetta of Ogre, their planned GP32 ARPG (sequel to Wizard Slayer) on hold indefinitely. I don't know if they have future plans for GP32, but development postponement is never a good sign.

News: Dreamcast handheld planned

December 10, 2002 6:35 PM PST


Everyone's favorite portable hacking maniac; Ben from VCSP seems to be planning a Dreamcast handheld. Gamecube as well. Old news but good news...

News: Violent games to be banned in Honduras

December 9, 2002 11:59 PM PST

Gamespot / BS

Further cementing the reality that everything in the world is completely ridiculous. From Gamespot:
"The games specifically mentioned in the law are Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, Turok, House of the Dead, Duke Nukem, Shadowman, Quake, Killer Instinct, Doom, Legacy of Kain, Street Fighter, and Perfect Dark."

It's very odd to me that the older games would be banned. How many copies to they currently sell? Will they ban ROMs of Doom and Killer Instinct? This law seems not only terribly difficult to enforce, but wholly irrational in terms of game choice.

News: GP32 update

December 9, 2002 11:57 PM PST

various / BS

You've by now likely seen this GP32 contest, but if not, you'd very well better. It's your ticket to a free Astonishia Story GP32 pack.

The new SNES emu is here from Zardoz Jones. Great speed, no sound. It's been done for a while...but luckily it's now available to all.

Two new SFII character demos from B2B here.

There should be some new info from Griffon Studio this month...but for now they've taken down links to F13.

ADIC 2002 results should be coming in tomorrow, if all goes well!!

Some news from GP32 News

News: Tears pics

December 9, 2002 11:45 PM PST

Team DTR / BS

Check out these tears pics. Are they from the PC or the GP32 version? Not entirely sure. Nor do I know what exactly is transpiring here, but it's either an RPG element to the dating sim, or merely a cutscene. I know you'll join me in hoping for the former.

News: All about SNK DVD

December 8, 2002 2:04 PM PST / BS

Looks like there will be an All about SNK DVD coming out at on the 30th of January. The known info: it's made by Famitsu, costs 14,000 yen ($140!!), and is 240 mins in duration. It's basically about SNK's 20 year history, complete with interviews and discussions of their entire hard and software catalogue. Man...if not for that $140 pricetag...

Thanks to this thread from the mmcafe forums for the link.

News: New game system??

December 8, 2002 5:00 AM PST

Make Your Move Inc / BS

Looks like a new game system is coming out from Make Your Move Inc, whomever they may be. Seems they've been making online board games and such for some time now. What you see on the left is the controller for the system, but also acts as a stand alone game system with a touch screen. See their full press release here. You can view their online games here if you really feel like registering. Lots of grand-kids are going to be recieving these next christmas, methinks.

Thanks to Segafans for the news

News: MKZ artist's work

December 8, 2002 4:09 AM PST

??? / BS

I recieved some mail from the character artist of Mortal Kombat Z. Seems a beta is planned for summer of 2003...that's quite a ways off. He also mentioned that for a GP32 conversion they would need more time, voice actors, partners etc, but is still quite interested in it. Here's another sample of his art, from a manga he worked on.

Download: Ham, eat version

December 8, 2002 3:57 AM PST

??? / BS

A game called Eat-Ham has become available on GPZigi, a different version of the HAM game, which was available earlier at GP32 EMU. I cannot be certain whether or not GPzigi PDs are meant to be available to the world at large, and as such I shall only release this one at the present time. But there's a new SNES emu with no sound but perfect speed, and a few other very interesting games out there. Once I've the right permission, I'll host all games here. Download Eat Ham (much more fun than the original eat the hello kitty dolls and only avoid the large lego-looking fellows).

News: FFT-A job system

December 7, 2002 11:59 PM PST

FF Tactics / BS

New FF Tactics Advance Jobs have been made public at the FFT-A official website. Translation from Gamefaqs FFT-A forum:

The Creatures of FFTA have different Jobs and Abilities.

HUMAN--Can assume any job. Average and overall balanced in offense & defense!! Known for jobs as Knights and Squires.

VIERA--Very athletic and tall. With very good hearing, fast, and good sight they make great hunters. They can also communicate with dead spirits. Known for jobs as Archers and Fencers.

N'MOU--Masters of mind power and magic, they can manipulate monsters. Known for jobs as Oracles, Summoners, and Wizards.

BANGA--Very zealous and aggressive, they are tough and have great defense and strength. Known for jobs as White Monks and Bishops.

MOGURI--Friendly and full of curiosity, they are very playful. They also have magic abilities. Known for jobs as Time Mages and Wizards.

News: Shooter download

December 6, 2002 11:59 PM PST

Ryuuki / VD

Check out this shikigami-esque japanese shooter; the Legend of Hien. Seems to be pretty solid, decent character art, etc. The free download allows you to play the first three stages. Go!

News: New replays (Contra:SS, SF3:3rd)

December 6, 2002 11:54 PM PST

Charles Mugg / BS

New replays are available for Contra: Shattered Soldier (2nd stage S rank) and Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike. From Charles Mugg!

News: ADIC 2002 downloads

December 6, 2002 11:50 PM PST

GP32 News / BS

The projects from ADIC 2002 competition for GP32 are now available for download. Several new screenshots of various games, and an interesting contest are also available at GP32 News.

News: Latest from Kid

December 4, 2002 8:50 PM PST

Kid / BS

Check out the movie of the new Kid dating sim IRIS here. Slow news day!

News: GP32 movies at KAMEX

December 4, 2002 8:40 PM PST

GPzigi / BS

According to GPzigi, there will be three new movies of Mill, Tomak plus patch and GP Fight! displayed at this year's KAMEX (Korean gaming expo), so be on the lookout for the movies at the games' respective homepages once the expo is over. Thanks to Infinity for the translation.

An interesting note about Infinity's homepage, if you let it load all the way (takes a while) you hear a different version of the Astonishia Story R opening. Very nice!

News: Space Raiders

December 4, 2002 8:31 PM PST

Taito / BS

I reported about this game earlier, mentioning that it might be similar to Space Invaders. foolishly, I missed the game shots, which can be found here. Looks like Space Invaders to me! Hey...I'll buy it.

News: GP32 light screen

December 3, 2002 11:01 PM PST

GPzigi / BS

What I once thought was the diagram for a backlit GP32 has been revealed as a modified GBA light screen, now usable with GP32. Pretty cool if you ask me.

News: Mortal Kombat Z (GP32?)

December 3, 2002 10:57 PM PST

MK NinZa / BS

Mortal Kombat Z, a new doujin 2D fighter for PC, based on the Mugen engine. This game is ambiguously located in the Mortal Kombat universe, but features KOF style gameplay (strikers and all, here called Kooperators). Some details: it uses the Mugen engine (unfortunately), has all original character sprites with 250 or more frames of animation for each character. Perhaps most interesting - the possibility of a GP32 port is quote: "very interesting". Look for more once they get a solid homepage, the provided link is simply to several more photos.

News: Disgaea for PS2

December 3, 2002 10:55 PM PST

Nippon Ichi Software / BS

Take a good look at the new SRPG from Nippon Ichi Software. Disgaea looks extremely promising to me. A 2D turn based SRPG with nice character design, impressive magic effects and a character maker. Throw in a devil girl and sign me up. Hey look, there's one now! This could be the title to bring me out of my Black-Matrix-became-3D blues. There's always hope...

Thanks to Rid Hershal for this link.

News: BoA life sim

December 1, 2002 11:59 PM PST

4Gamer / Scott Mollett / BS

BoA life sim!. The popular Korean pop-idol BoA has got her own raising sim where you manage her career, which I find an incredibly odd position to put yourself in. The game comes for PC out this month in Japan, for those of you who just can't get enough.

News: Four Playmore re-releases

December 1, 2002 11:59 PM PST

Playmore / eric-jon rössel waugh / BS

Playmore has just updated their release list with four PSOne Book re-releases of classic 2D Fighting titles; KOF 97 and 98, Samurai Showdown 3 and 4 (special). The KOF games are scheduled for a 2003 March 27th release, along with Metal Slug for PS2. The other two are as yet undecided.

For those who don't know, PSOne Book is much like Playstation the Best, or any other re-release system, except that the game comes in a slimline case, and costs no more than 1800 yen.

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