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Near-News: PSP new details

November 30, 2003 11:59 PM PST

Fantus / BS

The GameXpo is currently going on - and Fantus, our operative in the Netherlands, is on the case! A full report is to follow, but here's an interesting bit he squeezed from an EA rep who's seen the first working PSP kit (we'll let this be considered rumor for now, as the source cannot reveal his identity). He says that the PSP will have phone capability, and an interesting direct save option. Basically there's a button you can press in order to save your game at any time, using Smart Memory. This is tied in with the phone, so that you may answer an incoming call, pause and resume without undue processor overload. It saves and quits when you answer - resumes and loads when you end. Rather nice option. The rep also mentioned that the graphics should be a bit more powerful than that of the PS2. Dutch developers Playlogic just announced their support for the PSP, so more information may surface in the next few days.

News: Psyvariar 2

November 30, 2003 11:44 PM PST

Alfa System / BS

Looks like the rumors we've been investigating have come true! Psyvariar 2 has been confirmed for Dreamcast release on february 26th, 2004 at 5,800 yen. A PS2 port will follow in summer. Play Asia has already picked up the DC version for preorder, for those interested.

Download: Quartett! demo

November 30, 2003 11:36 PM PST

Littlewitch / BS

Littlewitch has just released a demo of their upcoming h-visual novel Quartett. By and large work safe, this video is. Very high production values here.

News: parsec47

November 29, 2003 11:58 PM PST

ABA Games / BS

A new game from that doujin programming genius Kenta Cho! Parsec47 is a so-called 'retromodern' shooter, in that one must defeat retro enemies with modern techniques. More of a straight-on shooter than his other recent releases, but certainly no less satisfying.

News: Oldergames new releases

November 29, 2003 11:45 PM PST

Oldergames / BS

Our pals at Oldergames have come up with several releases in the last day or so. There are two new previously unreleased Sega CD titles, for one thing. Battlefrenzy is an FPS with some really nice graphics going on. Good gameplay, in that oldschool sort of way. I can personally vouch for this one, as I played it in the Oldergames citadel some months back. I can also confirm that I am at least 200% better at this game than Oldergames head R.W. Bivins. The other title is Marko. I've not played it personally, but those graphics intrigue.

On the GBA front, they're finally putting that Super Fighter license to use here. On their main page you'll see that the SF Block Busters GBA demo has become available. I played this game at the CGE, and it's really come along since then - sort of a tetris-based Puzzle Fighter thing going on. They've also put up new screens of Hell Hotel, the Dreamcast-turned-PC adventure title that caused so much controversy several months ago. They've kept themselves busy, that's for sure.

News: Alpine Games

November 29, 2003 11:28 PM PST

Duranik / BS

Alpine Games is a new title for the Atari Lynx, this one coming from Duranik, who brought us the fantastic Native demo for Jaguar some time back. Alpine games will cover nine winter sports (including figure skating, somehow!), and be a full cart release this december (planned). Really looks like it's making the most of the Lynx hardware, what with the transparency and scaling and whatnot. Thanks to Atari Age for the link.

News: NGPC revisited

November 29, 2003 11:15 PM PST

various / BS

A couple of archives have recently come to my attention. Now that the Neo Geo Pocket Color is being released in 'arcade packs' once more (and featured anonymously in TV commercials, no less!), it seems appropriate to visit the websites of the ill-fated yet well-loved console. The original SNK website (prior to the bankrupcy) has been mirrored here. If you poke around, you'll find the NGPC site contained therein. Sweaterfish has also got a bit of something. here you'll find a bare directory hosting the many news updates as regards releases and whatnot. Rather interesting stuff to browse through. And of course, if you want any further info on the NGPC. be it reviews, sprite rips, mp3s, cart numbers or the like - check out good old Sector NGP. Perhaps a link will inspire him to update with the gigantic backlog of nifty content he's got sitting around.

News: KOF toycom update

November 29, 2003 11:03 PM PST

sub / BS

Turns out we're only getting those KOF figures a week or so after they were released in japan. And cheaper too! This according to Hobby Link Japan via Sub's forum post. Further, it turns out that the statues are shipped in random colors in japan. Not sure if this is true of the US release or not. Unfortunately, there's also no real info as to how one can order the US models - but they do supply a list of online retailers that they work with. Anyone who finds further info, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

News: FreeOn reborn!

November 27, 2003 11:59 PM PST

FreeOn / BS

The FreeOn, an odd korean game console that's yet to see the light of day (and was long presumed dead) has just gotten a facelift. It now appears as though the FreeOn technology can be used in a multitude of platforms, being based on a cellphone architecture (minus the phone aspect, though). And in fact, a host of movies have been released from E3 2003. Again, our coverage of their presence there can be found here. More info as regards this update is needed from a korean speaker - send a note if you've got what it takes! Thanks to FX-Man for emailing me this.

News: SMB3 11 mins

November 27, 2003 11:47 PM PST

a genius / BS

A stalwart fellow has taken it upon himself to do the improbable - to beat Super Mario Brothers 3 in eleven minutes, start to finish. Granted, he uses warp whistles. Granted, a lot of what he does appears...slightly impossible. But it's fun to watch. And he ends the game with 99 lives. Check out the 17 meg download here on our server.

News: Child's Play

November 27, 2003 11:34 PM PST

Penny Arcade / BS

Penny Arcade has put up a wish list for kids via amazon. Basically pay the money there, and the toys and games go to the Seattle Children's Hospital. Not a bad way to spread some holiday cheer (or some other equally sappy euphemism).

News: KOF PVC statues

November 27, 2003 11:21 PM PST


Japanese toy producers Yamato Toys' american branch has announced that they will soon be releasing imported KOF 2000 PVC statues in the US. Mai Shiranui and Blue Mary statues will be the only characters brougth over, but better than nothing certainly. Preorders are currently going on (11.99 each), with the statues scheduled to ship in early december. The news is a bit old, but the december release hasn't been mentioned till recently. Thanks to Anime News Service for the news (via - Brady Hartel), and visit them for further ordering information.

News: KOF character list update

November 27, 2003 11:13 PM PST


The KOF character roster has been updated again, this time with the kyokugen and k' teams. Very interesting looking Robert in there.

Download: Storm Angel demo

November 26, 2003 11:45 PM PST

Loaded Studio / BS

The guys at Loaded Studio have released their latest project; Storm Angel. In addition to the $15 full version, they've released a free trial demo. Shooty action a-gogo!

News: Eerievale

November 26, 2003 11:34 PM PST

Starcat Dev / BS

German Atari Jaguar coders Starcat Dev have just announced a new project; a horror/graphic adventure by the name of Eerievale. It uses a new engine, and looks rather interesting graphically. A very ambitious myst-ish project for the Jag, assuming everything comes together as it should. This coupled with the fact that the Jaguar CD encryption key has recently been found means that we may finally be able to play a new Jaguar game at working-person's prices.

News: Nintendo's monopoly

November 26, 2003 11:29 PM PST

nfg games / BS

Everyone's favorite old crank has written up an odd sort of defense of nintendo's NES monopoly. You've got to position your brain in a very specific place to get at what he's saying, but it's interesting reading even if you don't bother with that bit.

News: NUON controller mod

November 26, 2003 11:23 PM PST

Nuon Dome / BS

Ratko Jovicic submitted something interesting to Nuon Dome recently. It's widely known that in addition to the normal game-ready nuon DVD consoles, there were models released without controller ports. Thus, they had the ability to play games, just not...with a controller. And this is where Ratko's knowledge comes in to play: the Samsung N-505 controller mod. This (purportedly simple) process will allow you to use controllers with your Samsung N-505 DVD player, which incidentally tend to run cheaper than their more fully functional brethren. The hardest part is getting the ports themselves!

News: Shiki II naomi OST

November 26, 2003 11:12 PM PST

Alfa System / BS

After the release of the Shikigami no Shiro II Gamecube OST, requests began coming in for the OST of the original Naomi arcade version. This call has been answered by Alfa's Naoki on the BBS. And indeed, they will be releasing the CD, though it will basically just be a CD-R. The upside is, the disc will only cost 500 yen. More details will be revealed on the main site as it becomes available. Thanks to Nikaiten for the link.

News: Rockman Collection

November 26, 2003 11:00 PM PST

Capcom / BS

The contents of the PSOne Rockman Collection have been unveiled. The box is essentially the PSOnebooks remakes of Rockman 1-6, with X7 thrown in for good measure. The release date is set at december 19th - there's a bit more info at dengeki. To the best of my knowledge, the Anniversary Collection (which contains Rockman Power Fighters 1 and 2, among other goodies) is still planned.

Review: Psyvariar Complete

November 24, 2003 11:49 PM PST

insert credit / brandon sheffield

A short review for a short game. I've taken a look at Psyvariar Complete, and dissected the two games housed within. They've recently been re-released on their own, so this information may be pertinent. Videos and images of each have been included for reference, not replay amazingness. X button shoots+R2 to buzz=Boom.

Site News: FF12 movie removed

November 24, 2003 11:47 PM PST

Square Enix / BS

Our Final Fantasy 12 trailer has been removed at Square Enix' request.

Thanks to Shawn David Struck for the image.

News: Dailyplay

November 24, 2003 11:41 PM PST

Dailyplay / BS

Dailyplay is a nifty site created by Fantus in the Netherlands. The site compiles news from various gaming sites (32 thus far), and slaps the headlines and links into an easy-to-manage window. Nice customization options and everthing. Rather nice if you want to bypass the...cumbersome interfaces of certain websites, but still value their news. Or if you simply want to check several sites at once. Really a great idea.

News: 3D Ages

November 24, 2003 11:35 PM PST

Conspiracy Games / E-JRW

Month-old news coming up here, but in case you missed it - Conspiracy has announced that they will be bringing Sega's entire 14-title catalog of 3D Ages remakes to europe and north america over the next four years. That's some fine news.

Play Asia: Korean PC games

November 24, 2003 11:21 PM PST

Play Asia / BS

Good couple of days for Play Asia! Here's the latest stuff:

They've secured five korean PC titles that range from $15 to $20. Games included: Metal Slug collection (that's Metal Slug 1, 2, 3 and X), Tomak Save the Earth Again (PC version, of course - a review of the GP32 port is here).

Four SFC titles have been picked up as well, for under $13. Good opportunity to pick up Far East of Eden Zero.

King of Fighters Overstruggle 202 DVD! 120 minutes of combo secrets!

Last but not least, there are lots of new images and videos of the new iQue. -- Thanks to Shaper MC for the Metal Slug correction.

News: Salon du Multimedia

November 24, 2003 11:05 PM PST

Promocom France / BS

Shibuya Games has posted a few screenshots of GP32 games they're showing at the Salon du Multimedia in france. All games are playable at the show - included are FaMe Soft's Yoke Yoke and Solitaire Advance, and Virtual Spaghetti's new title Blue Angelo.

Download: Sonic Adventure DX

November 23, 2003 11:57 PM PST

Sega / BS

Sega has released a demo of Sonic Adventure DX for PC. Large download, but worth it for fans of the original. It allows you to play through one stage with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles.

News: KOF 2003 images

November 23, 2003 11:49 PM PST

various / BS

There's a compilation of KOF 2003 location test screenshots (originally posted on orochinagi), over at KOF Union. Check the thread for the mirrored files.

Off-Topic: English moetics

November 23, 2003 11:42 PM PST

Moetan / BS

Here's an interesting way to learn english, if japanese is your first language. Basically a moetic visual novel, which teaches you some...odd phrases. Check out Moetan here. Note sample 3 - go berzerk with wet pants! Thanks to H. Moriarty's bbs post for the link.

Update: check out Zepy's post about the 'textbook' for more interesting phrases from the book. "My descendent worried about me. Then he sent me a robot from the future."

News: Cyber Formula

November 23, 2003 11:31 PM PST

Project YNP / BS

Project YNP announced that they will be releasing the demo for Cyber Formula SIN Cyber Grandprix at this winter's Comiket. Amazingly professional looking game, this one. Based on the Cyber Formula anime/manga, naturally, now with full sanction from Sunrise. Thanks to Zepy for the news.

News: Kogado new lineup

November 23, 2003 11:17 PM PST

Kogado / BS

Kogado has unveiled their game lineup for 2004 - each team has a game coming in the next year (except panda-san team, who releases their first localization project december 19th). Zepy has mirrored a (probably not legal but good publicity anyway) scan of their ad - highlights include Power Dolls 6, the latest in the legendary raising/strategy series, as well as Rasetsu 2, which has one of the best character designers around; kutsuzawa ryuichirou (front mission, panzer dragoon, etc). Check the scan for the full list, as no websites are available for the games at this time.

Download: Final Fantasy 12 trailer

November 21, 2003 11:24 PM PST

Square Enix / TR

The first Final Fantasy 12 trailer on the net - and tim rogers got it. In game footage, prerendered CG, and original music. Download away!

Update - and by first, we naturally mean distant second. Somehow it makes sense.

Update the second! The movie has been removed due to threats of legal action from Square. Are we famous yet?

News: KOF 2003 movie

November 21, 2003 11:16 PM PST

??? / BS

SNKP has updated their main story page. But more importantly! A tiny, tiny movie has been released. Get it here. Thanks to Naruto for sending it in (though he's not the original source).

Play Asia: budget/WSC

November 21, 2003 11:07 PM PST

Play Asia / BS

Play Asia has got a bunch more Dreamcast clearance to do - check out the new list of $10 DC titles. Some highlights include: Chu Chu Rocket, Virtua Fighter tb, Outtrigger, and Hello Kitty Magical Block (Japanese). They've also begun stocking Wonderswan software, and restocking hardware. One Piece Grand Battle is fantastic. Last but not least, they've got their shipment of iQue games and systems in. Good times.

News: Falcom Special Box 2004

November 21, 2003 10:52 PM PST

Falcom / BS

Falcom announced a couple of days ago that they will be releasing the Falcom Special Box 2004 on the 19th of december 2003. This box contains Ys 6 Material Collection DVD (graphics, illustrations), Ys 6 Movie Collection (60 minutes of DVD cinema), Ys 6 OST (two CDs), and best of all, my absolute favorite Falcom game Legend of Xanadu is to be included for the first time on the windows platform. The three CD Legend of Xanadu OST will also be included. For those who don't know, Legend of Xanadu features an Ys1+2-style battle system in the overworld, and a side-scrolling action system in dungeons, complete with SFII-esque battle movements. The whole package will retail for a mere 7,980 yen.

News: Memories Off Typing

November 21, 2003 10:45 PM PST


These typing games are increasing in popularity; Typing of the Dead, Fist of the North Star, Feet of Fury et al. So KID has announced the impending release of a their own spin on the forming genre; Memories Off Typing. There *should* be some interactivity to this in terms of the story, and the way you conduct yourself with the girls you're trying to woo. A step in the inevitable AI direction?

News: Psyvariar 2 story

November 21, 2003 10:33 PM PST

Success / BS

Success has just put up the story section for Psyvariar 2. It's quite comprehensive, with footnotes and everything, covering the Psyvariar M.U./Revision epilogues to the Psyvariar 2 prequel.

Feature: Hard Sells

November 19, 2003 11:59 PM PST

insert credit / vincent diamante

Vince has put up the first part in his 4-section journal of a disgruntled gaming teaching assistant. Everyone wants his job. Everyone thinks they can do it better. But hell, the teachers, the students, they won't even allow him to do his job. Take the case of his boss, the professor: "the Master Chief did an exceptional job of positioning himself directly in front of enemy fire before spraying inaccurately into the aliens. "Man, I love this game," he would say.

Indeed, innovative game design is a Hard Sell.
Bonus note! It's insert credit co-founder Vincent Diamante's birthday!! yay!

Off-Topic: KOF 2003 location test

November 19, 2003 11:50 PM PST

KFX news site / BS

The KFX news site has released the absolute best KOF 2003 location test report around. Ascii diagrams, detailed move lists and impressions. Trick is, it's in Japanese. Even so, there's a lot to take away from it. Thanks to the wonderful Nikaiten news site for the link.

Off-Topic: 03

November 19, 2003 11:42 PM PST

JVC music / BS

Videogame cult heroine and super-seiyuu Sakamoto Maaya (of Escaflowne, Risky/Safety fame) is releasing a new album very soon. At the same time, she's releasing a short film. Sure it'll be silly, pretentious, and self-glamorizing. But the production design is fantastic, the music perfect, and the trailer available. The DVD releases december 10, 2003 for 3,500 yen.

Download: Espgaluda stage 1

November 19, 2003 11:30 PM PST

Cave / BS

Cave has put up a high quality movie of Espgaluda's first stage. Very...rave-y music.

Download: Cutie Honey trailer

November 19, 2003 11:23 PM PST

Cutie Honey / BS

A downloadable version of the Cutie Honey live action trailer has been put online. Thanks to Rid for the news.

News: Gametrac

November 17, 2003 11:52 PM PST

Tiger Telematics / BS

Another handheld has entered the fray! Recently formed Tiger Telematics (no relation to makers Tiger Electronics) has announced that they will be releasing a system called the Gametrack, based on the Windows CE operating system. It will have a camera, bluetooth, 3D Mophun gaming (based on synergenix technology, a company they recently acquired), MP3, MPEG-4 video, and GPS. Oddly, there's also a feature that allows parents to track their child through the whereabouts of the device, and the GPS. Thanks to Windows for Devices for the news, and check out some really nice shots of the system there as well.

As an aside - it seems as though a company trying to break into handheld gaming shouldn't name themselves after the company with the most economically dismal handheld failure around. Perhaps they were unaware?

News: KOF 2003 location test

November 17, 2003 11:36 PM PST

Madman's Cafe / BS

The Madman's Cafe has a nice bbs summary of the info gathered thus far from the Osaka KOF 2003 location test. Interesting bits include tag battle, different super system, and new teams.

News: Don Miguel interview

November 17, 2003 11:24 PM PST

GP32 News / BS

GP32 News' Icebraf has conducted an interview with FaMe Soft's Don Miguel regarding his newest GP32 projects. A surprise freeware game in the works, Yoke Yoke, Solitaire and his ARPG are all matters of discussion.

News: KOF 2003 roster

November 16, 2003 11:59 PM PST


The KOF 2003 preliminary (ie non-secret/location test) roster has been revealed! Check the image to the left for a gigantic digital photo, lifted from the SvC Chaos uploader. The words insert credit have been added to prevent leeching. Stealing is fine, direct linking is not, as the file is rather large. A related note: the official character page has been updated at SNKP, with the new character Ash Crimson. Eric-Jon has provided a summary of gathered location test intel in a nice forum post.

News: Shikigami II appreciate disc

November 16, 2003 11:53 PM PST

Media and Creative System / BS

Piyo just let me know that Media and Creative System, the same company that brought you the Ikaruga Appreciate replay disc is giving Shikigami II the same treatment. The disc will be released in January 2004.

Download: ESPGALUDA final

November 16, 2003 11:49 PM PST

81 / BS

Arcade game-capture stealth master 81 has taken a video of the final stage in ESPGALUDA. Stickclick is hosting the 62 meg download here.

News: DC-GP32 link cable

November 16, 2003 11:40 PM PST

Dreamcast Scene / BS

Dreamcast Scene has announced the development of a new piece of hardware for the Dreamcast and GP32; the DC-GP link cable. This cable can be used to transfer files, or to unlock features in homebrew games. First game to feature this will be Giana's Return, which could explain the game's delay until 2004.

Near-News: Shikigami II DC

November 16, 2003 11:31 PM PST

404139 / BS

After we posted about a possible Dreamcast port of Shikigami II, a chap who goes by 404139(!?) sent a mail to alfasystem - and unlike myself, got a response.

"Thank you for your request. I'm Daisuke TAKAKI, the manager of development division at Alfa System. We considered releasing it on Dreamcast. But sorry we can't find benefit releasing it.Ofcourse we want to develop Dreamcast version. but we've ever have no chance.If we have chance, we'll release it.
Thank you."

Honestly, this is one of the rare times I could actually see a petition working.

News: GP Mastar

November 16, 2003 11:23 PM PST

???? / BS

New GP32 freeware game uploaded to GPzigi. This one's a horse racing sim, with lots of minigames - I've uploaded it here. And yes, it's GP MastAr, not master. Note the clever positioning of the icons. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what team to credit on this. If you know, send a note.

Rumor: Nintendo/Bandai purchase

November 16, 2003 11:17 PM PST

Gamespot / E-JRW

Just a few days after the purchase of 2% of Bandai's stock by Nintendo, further rumors abound. The latest have to do with dealings at UFJ bank, which is home to both corporate accounts.

News: Vara Noir

November 15, 2003 11:55 PM PST

Idea Factory / SM / BS

Idea Factory is porting their anime SRPG "Vara Noir" to Gamecube this coming january (correct romanization is Bara Noir). These types of games rarely make it over to Nintendo home consoles, so those of you interested in the genre, get those importing dollars ready! To the best of my knowledge, the only other game of this type to hit the system is Generation of Chaos Exceed, also by Idea Factory.

News: Street Fighter AST

November 15, 2003 11:47 PM PST

Suleputer / BS

The track list has been unveiled for the Street Fighter II Tribute album scheduled to release next month at 3,150 yen. There's also a downloadable sample of Ryu's stage as remixed by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi of Daytona USA fame. If his track is any indication of the personal style these artists will be bringing to the pieces, the album will provide quite an interesting listen.

interesting that the artist getting the most work these days (Yasunori Mitsuda) has been given the most challenging stage to arrange.

Off-Topic: Yotsubato 4

November 15, 2003 11:35 PM PST

Momotato / BS

Our ole pal Momotato has released his fan-translation of the fourth Yotsubato manga. For those who don't know, this is Azuma Kiyohiko's latest project after Azumanga Daioh. Check it out here.

News: R-Type Final PAL

November 15, 2003 11:22 PM PST

Metro 3D / BS

The PAL release of R-Type Final has been given a date by Metro 3D. January 2004 is the magic month for europe. Eidos still plans to release the game in the US.

News: KOF 2003 new characters

November 14, 2003 11:59 PM PST

SNK Playmore / BS

As the KOF 2003location test fast approaches, two more characters have been revealed. The group is called the Outlaw Team, of which only Billy and Yamazaki have been named. The line-up is very Fatal Fury-heavy thus far, which leads many to peg Freeman as the one to fill that third spot.

News: GP32 Update

November 14, 2003 11:45 PM PST

various / BS

Too much GP32 news in the past few days! Here's the week in brief.

Wanna Be Wizard creators A&B soft have a new website. It's an official Gamepark supported game, to be released first quarter 2004, with plans for an engish version. Thanks to GP32 News for that info.

Team HE (website dead) is currently developing a GP32 version of Shanghai. Status of their previous Cake Shop project is unknown.

Team Kyaa of Ah My Goddess tetris fame is working on a new original game. Screenshots will be released christmas eve.

Icon has revealed the website for their new project Daydreamin, which appears to be a character driven board/party-style game. Only one screenshot is available - right here.

New version of the minigame collective GP32 RU is available at GP32 News.

Play Asia: stock clearance

November 14, 2003 11:37 PM PST

Play Asia / BS

They're clearing the archives at Play Asia - meaning they've got a load of GC titles for $15, PSOne PAL DC titles for $10. Check out the full list here. Some highlights include Megaman 8, Die Hard Trilogy, and the ridiculous Pen Pen Triicelon (with staff from the defunct Team Andromeda, oddly enough). On the clearance note, a few more Dream Collection budget DC titles have surfaced.

Download: Malignant Variation

November 14, 2003 11:23 PM PST

Aqua Style / BS

Aqua Style is releasing their new Super Robot Wars/Anpanman parody movie Malignant Variation Reloaded at the next Comiket - till then, you can check out their original movie (60 meg download) at the above link. Thanks to Zepy for the news.

News: The Spirit Engine

November 14, 2003 11:12 PM PST

Natomic / BS

Check out The Spirit Engine, a freeware adventure/RPG created by Mark Pay. Interesting game, nice graphics, free download. Thanks to Raphael Azcueta for the link.

Off-topic: Devilman live-action

November 12, 2003 11:50 PM PST

Go Nagai / BS

Go Nagai is having a run of luck these days. His classic manga/anime series seem to be making the progression to the silver screen one by one! Next up (after Cutie Honey) is the horror property Devilman. The star looks a little wimpy sporting that mullet, but I'm sure everything will work out.

News: Arcadia covers

November 12, 2003 11:42 PM PST

Stick Click / BS

Stick Click has put up a repository for all of the covers that Arcadia Magazine has had over the years. Check his games section to see the "official" Arcadia fanart he's collected as well. But if you happen to see illegal shooter OSTs on there, well...that's not my fault. Please pretend they're not there.

News: Chun Soft RPG

November 12, 2003 11:31 PM PST

Chun Soft / BS

Chun Soft (of Dragon Quest fame) has put up a flash movie of their upcoming Gamecube RPG. If the concept art is any indication of the in-game graphics, I'd say we're in for a treat.

News: Border Down replay

November 12, 2003 11:23 PM PST

Alamone / BS

Alamone has put up a nice replay of the first stage of Border Down (red), with a 1.12 sec kill on the boss...hope to see more shortly!

Review: Viewtiful Joe

November 12, 2003 9:30 PM PST

insert credit / josh hsieh

Another week, another Viewtiful Joe review. This one is by Josh, and nearly the exact opposite of Mathew's previous review. This begs the question - how many viewtiful joe reviews does it take to screw in a light on? Three. Here's number two.

News: Pop Star Academy

November 10, 2003 11:56 PM PST

Monte Cristo / SM

Looks like France's Monte Cristo is developing an idol rearing game called "Pop Star Academy". Interestingly the game will be released by Natsume, masters of the quirky growing sim genre. The player serves as a producer for a new star (geinoujin), somewhat like the recent BOA rearing game. Looks like it will be coming out in December this year and running in the happy world of Windows.

News: Mizoguchi at TIGRAF

November 10, 2003 11:44 PM PST

Gamespot / E-JRW

Gamespot's own super-nice-guy Hirohiko Niizumi has written up a report on Tetsuya Mizuguchi's presentation at the 003 TIGRAF (Tokyo International Computer Graphics Festival) conference. For those who don't recall, Mizoguchi is the creator of such titles as Rez, Sega Rally, and Space Channel 5. Very good read concerning his transformation from graphics-dependent to gameplay emphasis in his thinking about games.

News: Crossgate Power Up 2

November 10, 2003 11:37 PM PST

Square-Enix / SM

In July of 2001, Squenix introduced Japanese gamers to the world of Crossgate, a PC "communication MMORPG." It included jobs like being a chef or hunter. The Cross Gate Power Up Kit 2: Egg of Paradise has a number of new things, including interface updates, new areas, and other new features. Of note is the inclusion of a premium music CD with pack. The music is done by Kenji Itou of Secret of Mana and Romancing Saga fame. The soundtrack promises to have a different sound than before. There will be 8 original tracks and two arranged ones.

News: Gamespot vs Wallstreet Journal

November 10, 2003 11:25 PM PST

Greg Kassavin / BS

The Wallstreet Journal has written an article about the primitive nature of game journalism. Of course, in many ways it is primitive, but the data on which he bases his claims is quite flawed. Gamespot's Greg Kassavin takes him to task - though perhaps not as severely as he should.

News: KOF 2003 location tests

November 10, 2003 11:14 PM PST

SNK NeoGeo / BS

The KOF 2003 location tests will take place between the 17th and 21st of November in Osaka's NeoGeo Land. Tokyo tests are expected to take place sometime soon thereafter.

News: Sega's corporate rating up

November 10, 2003 11:09 PM PST

Reuters Japan / SM

Reuters reports that business analysis site Moody is considering upgrading their rating of Sega. This is due to increasing evidence that Sega is capable of continued improvement.

News: Japan Games Festival

November 9, 2003 11:59 PM PST

Games Japan / BS

Looks like there's another large-ish games festival in Japan aside from TGS this year. The Japan Games Festival in Osaka will have more than a few large companies displaying their wares - the show goes on from the 15th to the 16th. Haven't heard much about it - if you've more background info, drop me a note.

News: NEC update

November 9, 2003 11:48 PM PST


NEC Interchannel has finally updated their games page (after renewing their main site last week), and there are a couple of new titles in here. One is Tama Cue, an 18+ ADV for Dreamcast. There's a lot of new stuff in the DC port (originally PC, of course), including event visuals, scenarios, and the two new characters depicted on the site. The plan is for a Christmas (12/25/03) release at 6,800 yen.

The other notable addition to the page is Black Matrix Double O. This is the PSX update to the GBA Black Matrix Zero that was released several months ago. There will be new movies, minigames, characters, scenarios and graphics for the PSX version, which has no release date, but is certainly one to watch.

Off-Topic: Orbitouch

November 9, 2003 11:42 PM PST

Keybowl / VD

Check out the Keybowl Orbitouch - it's a keyless keyboard with an integrated mouse that came out a couple of years ago. Seems a very odd product, but it's designed to cut down on repetitive strain injury in the fingers. Not the wrists though, evidently. Well, Japan has finally gotten ahold of it. Clearly designed to be pleasing for males to use, one can only wait for a company like Illusion to integrate this product into their games, eh?

News: Kapra W

November 9, 2003 11:37 PM PST

Ichigo Citron / BS

Doujin group Ichigo Citron has released a demo (direct link) of their Ragnarok Online-based horizontal shooter Kapra W. Quite a decent game, and the graphics are top notch. Thanks to Zepy for the link.

News: Angel's Feather

November 9, 2003 11:26 PM PST


KID has once again renewed their page for the shounen ai PS2 SimRPG Angel's Feather. Given the professional look of the page, I'm thinking this is the one they're sticking with. A few areas still need to be updated, but there's a lot more here to look at than there was before. No price yet, but it's planned for a 2004 release.

News: Guardian Heroines

November 9, 2003 11:12 PM PST

Rapid Fire / BS

Rapid Fire doujin circle has put up a preliminary page for their upcoming game Guardian Heroines. As the name implies, it's based on the Guardian Heroes engine (they call it a parody), but features characters from the Kanon visual novel. Thanks to Zepy for the link - keep your fingers crossed for a demo release!

News: SvC Chaos endings

November 9, 2003 11:03 PM PST

Puar / BS

The mighty Puar has put up some stills of the endings for SvC Chaos. He's got the endings for all but the Red Arremer super-secret types.

Feature: Tim Rogers Cold Fifty

November 8, 2003 10:37 PM PST

tim rogers

Indeed, right after my participation in a list compilation, tim has written a feature about/embodying them. Read the feature that's got the staff split in twain - love it or hate it! Read the feature that barely anyone understands, and nobody can explain! They say that the funnier something is, the fewer people get it. Thus, I present to you an astoundingly funny article.

News: Dreamcast must-have list

November 8, 2003 10:21 PM PST

Entdepot / BS

Entdepot has finally put up a must-have list of Dreamcast games which I contributed to some three months ago. The list is here. Note how brilliantly the brilliance of my brilliance shines through. Yes.

News: GameExpo (Netherlands)

November 8, 2003 10:10 PM PST

GameExpo / BS

GameExpo is expo based in the netherlands. The particulars are a bit vague, but it actually looks like a large-ish tradeshow event. Could be some interesting stuff from the smaller euro developers there.

News: Super Cosplay Wars

November 8, 2003 9:48 PM PST

Team F.K. / BS

Taiwanese doujin circle Team F.K. has recently released a new demo of their 2D fighter Super Cosplay Wars. Each character has certain characters that they change into during special moves, and the gameplay is adequate enough to support the gimmick. Not a bad game, if a bit sloppy control-wise. Thanks to jinken89's forum post for the news.

Off-Topic: Karateka Turbo

November 8, 2003 9:39 PM PST

'Otimusya' / BS

Game humor site 'Otimusya' (proper romanization would read Ochiimusha - a word for a defeated, fleeing soldier) has got a nifty series of animated Karateka gifs going. They basically take the Karateka characters and place them in a Street Fighter-esque scenario...rather fun watching. The rest of the site is worth exploring as well, especially if you understand japanese.

News: Eve re-release

November 8, 2003 9:35 PM PST

C's Ware / BS

The classic H-game/mystery series Eve is being re-released/redrawn by C's Ware. All three installments of the series will be available on DVD for 8,800 yen. As a result, a few movie demos have been released - very high quality animation and music. They are not work safe, however, so you may look for them yourself if you wish. Thanks to Zepy for the news.

News: Sunman

November 7, 2003 11:59 PM PST

The Lost Levels / BS

The Lost Levels has put up a review of Sunman, a basically complete but never released (nor announced) game for the NES. I've played it, and it's quite terrible. a fun way.

Download: espgaluda movies

November 7, 2003 11:48 PM PST

Cave / BS

Two espgaluda movies have been released in the last couple of days - one's an official promo movie from Cave, and the other is some gameplay footage shot by amusement service providers riverservice. They've also some almost-nice scans of the play guide. Plenty of strange stuff to peruse on that site. Thanks to momotato for the first link, Triggerzone for the second.

News: Phantom images

November 7, 2003 11:37 PM PST

NWS Gaming / BS

NWS gaming has posted some images of the Phantom console in action...or so they claim. The likelihood of someone wanting to fake these seems slim to nil, however. Note that the controller port is in the back of the console. Thanks to Mr. Longhair's post in our forums for the link.

News: Astroboy gameplay movie

November 7, 2003 11:25 PM PST

Treasure / BS

A video (ASX, unfortunately) has been released for Treasure's forthcoming Astroboy game for GBA. Check it out here - and preorders are up at play asia should you wish to do so. Thanks to the fanzine-fueled Jess Ragan for the link.

Update: I linked the small version, not the large one. Roushimsx captured the stream, and I've uploaded the larger version to the aforelinked location.

News: R pack-ins

November 7, 2003 11:16 PM PST

Capcom / BS

Namco has revealed the extras scheduled to ship with each version of R: Racing Evolution. PS2 gets a DVD of gameplay videos from various released games, Xbox gets gameplay movies of the forthcoming Breakdown, and Gamecube gets Pacman Vs. I think there's a disparity here. Thanks to Rid Hershel for the news.

News: HSFII 'culb'

November 7, 2003 11:10 PM PST

Capcom / MK

Gamespot describes rather well the club events that Capcom has planned with retailer Cospa in Japan, as part of their 15th SFII anniversary almost-celebration. Cosplay is encouraged. There will be remixes of SFII music to dance to, which will be available for purchase (seemingly this is different from the AST that's currently being planned). The CD will be called Street Fighter vs Street Musician...though...those performing will not *actually* be street musicians, making it something of a misnomer. One thing the Gamespot article fails to show you is the official page for the gathering, there described as a 'culb evente'.

News: Chou Aniki shots

November 7, 2003 11:03 PM PST

Game Watch / BS

Check out a whole slew of Chou Aniki screenshots, as well as "impressions" (more like promotion) of the game over at Game Watch. They're all very large, and rather high quality. Many bosses showcased.

News: Wanna Be Wizard

November 6, 2003 11:48 PM PST

A&B Soft / BS

Missed this news by a couple of days, but A&B Soft has released a video of their upcoming GP32 ARPG Wanna Be Wizard. The game seems very influenced by Namco's Tales series, and the graphics are just phenomenal. Check out the video here, with thanks to GPZigi for the news.

News: SNKP update

November 6, 2003 11:39 PM PST

SNK Playmore / BS

SNK Playmore has updated with a few interesting things - including the english press release regarding the Neo Geo Freak litigation, and a Samurai Spirits Zero consumer page.

Download: Metal Slug 5 videos

November 6, 2003 1:30 PM PST

SNK Neo Geo USA / BS

SNK has released four official video clips from stages 1 and 2 of Metal Slug 5. Looking rather nice, with some new backgrounds and music!

P.S. woah!

Download: Twinkle Star Sprites replay

November 6, 2003 12:59 PM PST

insert credit / charles mugg

Charles Mugg has got a nice replay of Twinkle Star Sprites, wherein he one-credits the game in story mode. We've hosted the full 200 meg download here. Bear in mind that this will only be up for one week or so, given our lack of leech protection.

Download: Matrix Revolutions trailer

November 6, 2003 12:55 PM PST


With Matrix Revolutions being out today, Josh has captured the trailer from the end of the Atari-made game. 25 meg download.

News: Atulado

November 5, 2003 11:57 PM PST

Abars / BS

Abars, one of my preferred doujin groups, is finally releasing a piece of pay software. The game is to be called Atulado - there's a teaser image up on the main site. It will be a 'highspeed side-scrolling action game', which calls to mind one of their earlier free games; the excellent Adveritasunica. More details (and a demo) will be released in the next issue of TechWin - those of you in Japan, keep an eye out. Should be something.

News: 20q portable

November 5, 2003 11:45 PM PST

20q / BS

Another new portable to hit the streets! This one is dedicated though - a 20 questions portable, speficially. It's based on the artificial intelligence of the 20q website, and will be distributed by Radica games. The press release has been reprinted on gamegossip, with thanks to slashdot games for the links.

News: Project Gunflame

November 5, 2003 11:34 PM PST

yuu / BS

Check out Project Gunflame, a small doujin shooter from yuu. Very straightforward, no music, but certainly has a nice appeal, and should appeal to traditional fans. Another plus - this should run on most any speed computer. Thanks to Gen's mmcafe bbs post for the link.

News: Replay site (ika, rs)

November 5, 2003 11:20 PM PST

vtf / BS

Speaking of replays, here's a neat site (discovered by Holiday) with some nice Ikaruga replays (one guy controlling both players), as well as some particularly impressive Radiant Silvergun videos which use only the Radiant Sword.

News: Psyvariar 2 vids, 1 replays

November 5, 2003 11:13 PM PST

various / BS

Over at Japangaming's bonus section there's a video of Psyvariar 2 in action...unfortunately you have to sign up for the diabolical FilePlanet to get it. This news comes from a mmcafe bbs thread by Holiday - check it to see some nifty 1-credit replays of Psyvariar 1.

Download: Outrun 2 promo

November 5, 2003 11:07 PM PST

Sega AM / BS

Sega AM2 has just recently released some promotional footage of their Outrun 2 arcade title. This, along with songs from the game can be found at the game's download section. Thanks to Rid for the news.

Review: Viewtiful Joe

November 4, 2003 11:59 PM PST

insert credit / mathew kumar

Viewtiful Joe positions itself as the savior of hardcore gaming in the eyes of many. This places an inordinate amount of pressure on the game...and Mathew finds that it just can't perform. Perhaps the most negative review of the game on the web? Discuss your feelings in the forums.

News: PS2 concept model

November 4, 2003 11:55 PM PST

Sony / BS

You've seen it everywhere else, now see it here! Images of the PSP concept model have been released, (the media as well) which does indeed look like the successor to the Minidisc technology. The image comes from a larger presentation (direct link - PDF) by Ken Kutaragi regarding their upcoming products, so there's some more interesting stuff in there if you've the time.

News: Half Life 2D next port

November 4, 2003 11:50 PM PST

Half Life 2D / BS

No doubt by now you've seen Half Life 2D, a Metal Slug-style rendition of hte popular FPS. If you haven't, take a look - there's a nice video in there for you to check out. The demo is still not out yet, but you can already choose the next platform that the game will be ported to. Show some support for the GP32, and we'll all reap the benefits!

Play Asia: Consoles, candies

November 4, 2003 11:46 PM PST

Play Asia / BS

Some new console preorders are up at Play Asia - the white and gold PS2s are there to commemorate the releases of Gundam AEUG and GT4...and also Nintendo's chinese iQue release has been pushed up to early next week. Another neat item is the Mikakuto Shigekikkusu gummi candy that they've begun carrying. Four flavors, $1.99 each - or can be purchased in a pack of 10.

News: games addictive? memorable?

November 4, 2003 11:40 PM PST


A study done at Utrecht University in the Netherlands reports that games stimulate the brain in the same areas that drugs and alcohol do. But there is no evidence that the games are physically addictive. An interesting study nonetheless, especially when coupled with icWales' report that nostalgic games can assist with memory in males.

News: Flash carnival shooter

November 4, 2003 11:37 PM PST

Naver Hangame / BS

Check out this korean flash game - a simple diversion, but rather fun. It's a western themed arcade shooter the likes of Namco's Point Blank series. Click to shoot, space reloads. Thanks to Sensenic's mmcafe bbs post for the link.

News: Poppy in SS Zero

November 4, 2003 11:33 PM PST


Galford's dog Poppy has been confirmed as a secret playable character in Samurai Spirits Zero, as the shot left indicates. This one is not a fake, as it's confirmed by our pal Rugal. As for the code; Highlight Galford. Right, Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Right, and then A, B, C, or D. Thanks to Rugal's mmcafe bbs post for the news.

News: Guilty Gear Isuka pamphlet

November 4, 2003 11:24 PM PST

Sammy / BS

Kobayan has posted a pamphlet/movelist for Guilty Gear Isuka, which describes the new techniques utilized by the game (team play, joint soul attacks, 2-line play, etc). Thanks to Iggy for the link.

News: Snow Song

November 4, 2003 11:11 PM PST

Survive / BS

Survive has put up a page for their newest game (first in several months); Yukiuta, or Snow Song. The index page is work safe, but clicking around within is not - the event CG specifically. It's planned for a December 2003 release at 8,800 yen, and with any luck there'll be a movie download prior to this.

Download: Killer 7 movies

November 4, 2003 11:06 PM PST

Capcom / BS

Neglected to mention this last week - Capcom has released two videos (1 - 2 - direct links) from the TGS demonstration of Killer 7. Quite clean videos, if you're interested in the project.

News: Doujin shooter update

November 2, 2003 10:04 PM PST

various / BS

Two new shooters here - one oldschool, one new. There's a vertical shooter by the name of Storm Caliber Gaiden - a small download, and not a bad game by SSP.

Cloudphobia is an incredible horizontal blaster with some interesting twists (screenshot left). You pilot your mech through the cloudscape, attempting to destroy each and every enemy before they pass you by. Any enemy that passes you by does damage to the mothership - if it is destroyed, the game is over. You've got a boost button - use this to catch up to fast enemies, slow down for slower foes. Some enemies will only engage you, or even be visible if you're either boosted or not boosted, depending. Further, you're racing against time - if time ends (300 seconds), you die. Then naturally there's your own death that you must worry about. Really a great dynamic, with nice graphics and a nifty missile effect. Only pity is there's no music, and the game is a single level. But tough enough for a few playthroughs, and it's worth it for the boss' tragic ending line. Thanks to Triggerzone for finding these links.

News: Furballs

November 2, 2003 9:59 PM PST

Spram / BS

The original author of the Final Fantasy III DOOM mod contacted me today, mentioning that he's got a new game out these days. It's a platformer constructed using the same tools as the Marioween game, and goes by the name furballs. Give it a try!

Download: Fate/stay night

November 2, 2003 9:52 PM PST

Typemoon / BS

Typemoon, one of a few doujin groups to recently 'turn pro' has released a demo for Fate/stay Night; their new visual novel. This news is from the madman himself, through a post on his bbs. Zepy wasn't particularly impressed with the game as a commercial release, so bear this in mind before taking on the 102 meg download.

Rumor: Shikigami II to dreamcast

November 2, 2003 9:46 PM PST

Alfa System / BS

We reported on September 23 that Shikigami II might be coming to Dreamcast, Xbox and PS2, as well as Gamecube. The PS2 version has already been announced, and now here comes some almost-kind of-near confirmation (and an Alfa bbs post) that the game is 'in process' for Dreamcast and Xbox. Further details may well come to light soon.

News: Leapster handheld system

November 1, 2003 11:57 PM PST

Leapfrog / BS

Leapfrog, a company well known for their rather uniquely tech edutainment products, has just today released the Leapster. This is an edutainment handheld which runs on a rechargeable battery, video playability, touch-screen, takes cartridge based games, and retails for $79 US. Interestingly, they're truly not trying to compete with the GBA - their market is 3-8 year olds, and the hopeful parents and grandparents thereof. For our purposes; another nifty collectible. There's a full report on the launch (with a short interview) by right here, as originally linked by Slashdot Games.

News: Final Fantasy III DOOM

November 1, 2003 11:50 PM PST

Falken80 / BS

Falken80 has ported the Final Fantasy III DOOM mod to the GP32! The visuals are utterly fantastic. Go get it at GP32 News.

News: SNK World update

November 1, 2003 11:40 PM PST

SNK World / BS

SNK World has updated (not too recently, but this wasn't announced) with a new minigame. This is similar to Lights out, and is based on the SvC Chaos property. For information on creating an account there, check my handy guide on the subject.

News: Gaming injuries

November 1, 2003 11:35 PM PST

BBC News / BS

The BBC online news has made a nice report on game related injuries. You're aware of the dangers, of course, but perhaps not that they've actually got specific names aside from 'nintendo neck'. Thanks to Slashdot Games for the link.

Off Topic: Cutie Honey

November 1, 2003 11:26 PM PST

Cutie Honey / BS

The movie adaptation of the manga/anime/game series Cutie Honey is moving right along. Check out the official site for a look at the star (also pictured left), and check out a nifty trailer here. If anyone finds a downloadable version, let me know. Thanks to Rid Hershel for the news.

News: Welcome to Sheep Village

November 1, 2003 11:12 PM PST

Success / BS

An astoundingly cute game has been announced by Success - Welcome to Sheep Village. It's a farming simulation of sorts, obviously designed for a younger audience. But I'll be damned if it isn't awfully appealing. The interactive flash site should give you an idea of why I say this. Due out in December for 5,800 yen on the PS2.

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