News: New Neo Geo CD release!

September 30, 2002 1:15 PM PST

Oldergames / BS

OlderGames has more in store for us it seems!! I recently contacted RW Bivins; the Creative Director of Oldergames, and learned something surprising. They've got a Neo Geo CD title in the works! They're being very tight-lipped about the project for the time being, but Mr. Bivins assured me that contracts are being signed in Asia as we speak.

Here's what I do know: the game will be released for Neo Geo CD first, with a probable AES (home cart) release a few months down the line. The NGCD version is coming "very soon." Further, it will have nothing to do with Neo Geo Freak, which I view as good news. Oldergames has a great track record, and games are generally very reasonably priced, so this seems like a truly legit product (compared to the large crop of possible fakes we've seen recently). The whole story will be dropped in two weeks' time, and arrangements have already been made for interviews and full coverage. Expect reviews, movies and screens upon release! You heard it here first kids!

News: Initial D location shots

September 30, 2002 1:15 PM PST

Doyongid / BS

Doyongid also has a mirror for photos of actual locations for battles from the popular anime Initial D. The original page seems to be down, so check out Doyongid if you're interested.

News: GP32 RPG engine

September 30, 2002 1:15 PM PST

Doyongid / BS

Just found out from GP32news that Doyongid is developing an RPG maker of sorts for the GP32. It supplies the engine for a homebrew RPG, but I've no idea if it contains a sprite library or anything of this nature. More news on this as it breaks!

News: New Sega CD game to be released!!

September 29, 2002 2:55 AM PST

Oldergames / BS

Segafans informs us that a new Sega CD title is soon to be released by means of a joint venture between Good Deal Games and OlderGames. The title is called Citizen X...screens and info are available here.

News: New Ikaruga playthroughs

September 29, 2002 2:45 AM PST


Our own Charles Mugg has put up a few replays of Ikaruga chapters 1 through 4. This is a temp spot until his main site is updated. So far his high score is 13.4 million at default settings. Stay tuned for a full Dodge the Bullet update!

News: New Falcom title gets release date

September 28, 2002 10:30 PM PST

Falcom / BS

Falcom's Hot Information page tells us that a December release date has been assigned to their new 3D dungeon RPG; Dinosaur Ressurection. Falcom fans brace yourselves...this one has a high chance of being wacky.

As a side seems as though Ys' famous hero Adol makes an appearance in VM Japan...note the black bar over the eyes. Incognito?

News: New Article Seezak Game/Shots

September 28, 2002 2:45 PM PST

Article Seezak / BS

Article Seezak has working links once more! Here's the newly announced GP32 ARGP Mill in all of it's glory. Definitely looks nice. Additional screens and art are available at GPzigi. This is well worth checking out. The graphics are gorgeous, the art refined, and if you check that third GPzigi gameplay shot, you'll see some nice transparency there. This is one to watch!

News: Mini-interview with Crawfish

September 28, 2002 2:45 PM PST

S:NGP Message Board / BS

Check here for a small interview done by Jess Ragan of the Sector: Neo Geo Pocket board. The subject is the Crawfish port of SFa3, and what future titles might utilize the engine. Worth the read.

Mini-Interview: Pion of Griffon Studio

September 28, 2002 2:00 PM PST

Griffon Studio / BS

Pion has informed me of several things regarding Griffon Studio and their upcoming game Friday the 13th. View the mini-interview here. Perhaps the most important part is that they're currently looking for an accomplished artist for this soon-to-be commercial game, so if you think you have the skill, please visit the Griffon Studios website and send him an email!

News: Tankers pics

September 27, 2002 6:00 PM PST

Cinematix Korea / BS

Cinematix Korea (English branch here, perpaps best known for the Eidos published RPG "The Revenant") has released new shots of their new PS2/GC/PC game Tankers: Smoking Barrels...Gamezone21 has the newest screens (from the PC version), and artwork here.

It's a shame that some sites choose to place their logos over official shots...I couldn't find the official stuff unbranded.

News: Iridion II video

September 26, 2002 6:23 PM PST

Shin'en / BS

I'm a bit late on this, but many may not have seen this yet. German GBA developers Shin'en have put together a promo video for their upcoming GBA shooter Iridion II. It utilizes their custom sound and 3D graphics reminds vince of Viewpoint. Folks on the Sector: NGP board noted that the bullets look much more visible this time. So mayhaps this version will have the playability that the first lacked.

News: New Ikaruga movies

September 26, 2002 6:20 PM PST

Alamone / BS

It seems that the tri-lingual webmaster Alamone has posted two ikaruga videos displaying how to achieve the 'dot-eater' rating on levels two and four. He's also uploaded an astounding replay of the final chapter...but doesn't know who the player is. If you know, clue me in! Thanks to the omnipresent Holiday from the MMcafe board for the news. Take a good look at Alamone's page...there's lots of great stuff there! Hits go up!

News: More GP32 madness

September 26, 2002 11:45 AM PST

Various / BS

Lots of happenings on the GP32 front!

Of course you've all heard of the Pinball Dreams demo. This is well worth trying out. Expect our Logik State interview in short order.

Something I didn't mention a while back...if you're interested in the upcoming Megatron GP32 RPG Gransta Chronicle, check out this japanese page for shots and movies of the original WSC version.

GP32 Notebook informs us that Article Seezak has something new in the works, entitled 'Mil', which you can see on the left banner on the site. None of the links lead anywhere though. Some odd goings on at Article Seezak, but methinks this is not new eh?

Further news from GP32 Notebook indicates that Joymax Corp.'s re-announced game Tangoo & Ullasiong will be multiplayer, likely utilizing the RF. Since it's purported to be a main feature of the game, all signs point to yes in that regard. For some screenshots, please check this page for the PC original.

Newly formed Griffon Studios has announced the development of a multi-directional shooter, Friday the 13th. In addition to the screenshots, an Mp3 from the game has been released. This excellent classic shooter piece was created by a Griffon Studios member; the oddly named Fuzzface.

More news later... Until then, here's a new Tears Another background.

News: GP32 prototype/internet/new game

September 25, 2002 11:59 PM PST

GPzigi / various / BS

On the 8th of September, a GPzigi poster put up some shots from a visit to Game Park's offices. An official one this time. I've uploaded the best of them here for your perousal. While you're at it, take a look at these shots from pocketfan. That red prototype GP32...seems to be browsing the net, does it not? Most interesting. Also, I recieved some information regarding the 'GPflag' demo. It's basically a demonstration of coding on GP32, which was made as part of an online tutorial, made by AHA studio. That would explain the age of the .fpk as well!

And look at this. It's the first screenshot from Wings of Soul, the soon to be released (December) action RPG from AHA studio. Apparently it's being developed by Ashal and his partner Hong-Ik-In-Gan. Ashal is also involved in Tears Another from Team DTR, a game with which we're all already familiar.

Now, on to the screenshots!

Review: Ikaruga

September 24, 2002 4:15 PM PST

Insert Credit / BS

The promised Ikaruga double-review is single review form. Vince's review was lost to the ages, and until such time as he can re-write his impressions, mine will have to do. We're still trying to recoup our losses.

Tokyo Game Show: Korean developers

September 23, 2002 12:10 PM PST

GP32 Notebook / BS

Check GP32 Notebook for some pics of Korean PC developers at the Tokyo Game Show this year. Webmaster J includes a bit of info: Sonnori is displaying an mmorpg by the name of "Trixter". Furthermore Digital Dream Studios will be releasing the action game Penning Adventure for GBA...According to J the characters are incredibly cute.

News: GP32 flag download

September 23, 2002 11:50 AM PST

source: Insert Credit / BS

The Korean Development group AHA studio (site currently down) released a GP32 demo a while back (5/21/02) that I've still not seen anyone talk about. So in light of this, and the fact that AHA's site itself is non-functional, I've uploaded the file here. The 'game' is called GP32 flag. It essentially consists of an anime-style girl in the background, some floating movable Korean characters and voice samples. If anyone wants to explain to me just what's going on here, be my guest.

We're back!!

September 23, 2002 10:50 AM PST

source: Insert Credit / BS

Finally, we have returned! Our server was hacked at roughly 12:30 US PST on September the 9th, and have been unable to do anything with the site until now. We hope that in light of this people can understand our two week downtime. We've got a lot of new content to put up in the next few days, so keep checking back!! Send me an email if you feel there's some vital Insert Credit-style information we need to cover. Thanks to everyone for your patience!

Zwei!! translation team?

September 9, 2002 11:33 AM PST

source: Loek van Kooten / BS

Professional translator Loek van Kooten has emailed me regarding a translation he did for the opening scene of Zwei!!, Falcom's new traditional RPG. What he wrote looked good to me, so I figured I'd see if he wanted to assemble a team for translation of Japanese PC games. So if you're a coder, a Japanese->English translator, or think you can otherwise help with scripting, etc. Please send a mail to either Loek or myself. Let's get something going!

Ikaruga movies

September 6, 2002 1:17 AM PST

source: insert credit / VD

Here are four movies to whet your appetite before our review goes up this weekend. While the game starts easily enough, the difficulty quickly ramps up, pushing not only complex patterns at you, but some neat bosses and sub-bosses too. This is going to be staying in my Dreamcast for a while...

Note: Sorry, the links are working now...

News? What is this?

September 5, 2002 8:38 PM PST

source: GPzigi / BS

A question for the day - what are these three images? I've been seeing this sort of thing around recently. Is it a new GP32 game? Looks like it could be. Can anyone clear this up? If so, you know what to do!

News: Yet another Super Plusha Download

September 5, 2002 1:45 AM PST

source: FaMe Soft. / BS

FaMe Soft. has released an updated Super Plusha demo. This one has sound fixes, dynamic stereo, and a few other minor changes.

News: get your name in MGS2: Substance!

September 4, 2002 2:00 PM PST

source: Konami Japan / BS

Konami Japan has once again issued a drawing which promises to get your name on a grunt soldier in Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance! How's that for post modernism?

Thanks to Juan from the MMcafe board for this info.

News: Too much GP32 news!

September 4, 2002 12:20 PM PST

source: insert credit / BS

Here’s a new GP32 movie…It shows the true opening to Astonishia Story as well as some game play, moviepark, mp3 playing, SMS emulator, et cetera. This video was made by DDanGGooRi..

GP32 news in brief:

Tears Another .FPK demo here.

Aha Studio is making an action RPG for GP32…here are some shots of what could be the basis for the game (though these are very old screens). I believed they are described as the ‘vision’ for what the game could look like, in general.

K2YAA is also making a GP32 game…from the looks of it, it will be based on Ah My Goddess, presumably unlicensed. Interestingly, there’s an animated gif of an Ah My Goddess character in the Aha Studio 2002 graphics page…curious.

New GP Fight screen here.

Thanks to GP32 Notebook, we know the full demo contents of Mega GP. Funny Soccer, Super Plusha, GPTRIS, and GP Jewel are available for download there. Super Plusha Mega GP version is also available on the FaMe Soft. Super Plusha Site.

News: ADIC 2002

September 4, 2002 12:15 PM PST

source: ADIC 2002 / BS

ADIC 2002 finally has a homepage...This is the uber-GP32 competition for amateur developers. There are several thousand dollars worth of prizes, go check it out! By the way, I'm a member of the Jury, so watch yourselves ;)

Review: Super Mario Sunshine

September 3, 2002 7:00 PM PST

source: insert credit / TR

" made me feel warm inside to see a smooth FMV of Shadow Mario with Princess Peach under his arm, jumping into the cockpit of a giant turtle-shaped boat headed for an amusement park on an island, as three Toads stand by, jumping and shouting..."

News: ECTS pics

September 1, 2002 2:45 PM PST

source: GP32 News / BS

GP32 News has put up their pics from ECTS...there's a shot of the beta Her Knights arcade game! And check out the bottom pic...look at Erin Lee's hand (on the left). Is her finger going *through* the GP32?? Strange!

News: Kid news blitz

September 1, 2002 2:10 AM PST

source: Kid / BS

Prolific ADV makers Kid posted some information today regarding a few of their recent and upcoming titles. First off is a new website for their upcoming PS2 simulation Erde. This game is planned for a fall release, with character designs by 'little'. Next, they released a key file which gives unlockes all unlockables in the DC game Ever 17. Perhaps most importantly, they've made available an mp3 of the 'you who change memory - Memories Off' opening theme - Replay Machine. Not too bad. A tip: these are links to the download pages. Right click and 'save as' for the actual files...otherwise you get gibberish.

In case you all missed this, here's a direct link to the opening movie of the PC horror sim Everything becomes 'F' - Perfect Insider. Creepier stuff than I'm used to seeing from Kid.

Editorial: Japanese Girls are Scary

September 1, 2002 1:50 AM PST

source: Insert Credit / BS

This is an editorial from yours truly. Nothing to do with games however, so it's relegated to the underutilized Staff Page. The subject matter; my experience on a dirty tuesday afternoon with 7-or-so Japanese girls. Go nuts.

News: New transparent GP32 case

September 1, 2002 12:38 AM PST

source: GPzigi / BS

Take a look at this transparent pink GP32 case recently posted on the Korean GP32 forum - GPzigi. Additional shots: 1, 2, 3, 4. Of course I don't know for sure that this is official, but since it's quite well made, I'll assume the answer is yes. This may well have been one of the four colored models on display at ECTS. We'll have confirmation for you on this in a matter of days once our European Correspondent completes his report.


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