Editorial: "life, non-warp"

June 28, 2002 1:03 AM PST

source: insert credit

"Itís on pause right now. Mario is waiting to land. It is more than a mere gateway. It is . . . the road itself."

Review: SkyGunner

June 27, 2002 2:07 AM PST

source: insert credit

Exactly nine months ago, Japanese PS2 owners were able to experience SkyGunner, a rookie effort from Sony developer PixelArts. Vincent and Brandon take a look at the American release, courtesy of those wonderful guys at Atlus...

Sega joins forces with Game Park!

June 27, 2002 1:30 AM PST

source: insert credit

Since GP32News got them to admit it in an interview, I guess it's no longer 'classified' that Sega is going to be bringing a few titles to the GP32. So I'll release a bit of the info I gathered at E3. Sega will be porting some Genesis titles at this time, and no new or exclusive titles are planned yet. However, the games will likely have some sort of update or a few extras to make your purchase a bit more worthwhile.

Ikaruga is official

June 26, 2002 5:17 PM PST

source: Various

Speaking of Treasure, a few places are now reporting that Ikaruga for Dreamcast is now official slated for a September 5th release date. Check out reports at Mad Man's Cafe and The Magic Box. I'm also assuming that NCSX will update their pre-order information and should be a good place to visit come tomorrow.

Review: Sin and Punishment

June 25, 2002 9:10 AM PST

source: insert credit

Good old Treasure, you can always count on them to satisfy the craving for shooter goodness. Alex Vo takes a heaping helping of Sin and Punishment for the Japanese Nintendo 64...

Interview: Byulbram

June 17, 2002 6:20 PM PST

source: insert credit

Insert Credit sits down with Byulbram, the developer behind Her Knights, the fantastic beat 'em up for GP32. Here, we find out how Byulbram dealt with creating Her Knights, as well as some of their future projects. If you haven't already, please participate in our poll and help Byulbram by voting for the game's English title!

Download: Tetris Japan Finals

June 19, 2002 3:34 PM PST

source: NVRefreshTool

You think you know Tetris? You think you're hot stuff? Well, check out this video of a master at work. Wow. Wow.

And, no, I have no clue what this has to do with video card utilities...

Preview: Ratchet and Clank

June 18, 2002 3:19 PM PST

source: insert credit

You know you've been waiting for it... another platformer!

Well, maybe you haven't, but Insomniac Games and Sony are going to give PS2 owners around the world another one, anyways. Check out our preview of Ratchet and Clank...

Rumor: WSC RPG being ported to GP32?

June 16, 2002 3:00 PM PST

source: MEGATRON

Korean developer Megatron has hinted that their new WSC RPG Gransta Chronicle may be ported to the GP32. They mention that it's "developed with consideration to be transplanted to (an)other game machine or PDA." Given that this is a Korean company, a GP32 port seems likely. Gransta Chronicles is a traditional RPG, which will come on an impressive 64 meg cart for the WSC. It boasts 400 items and 60 enemies, and link-cable trading of items and characters. Check out game-attitude for shots and movies of the WSC version. Thanks to GP32News for the tip.


News: Mobile Dating in Korea

June 16, 2002 3:00 PM PST

source: GP32News.com

GP32News has come across some shots of Team DTR's new dating sim 'Tears Another' for the Korean handheld. As opposed to Therapy (from Rosa: 6), this one seems to have a very Japanese style character design. Check the shots here.

News: 2D Anime Fighting Tops Charts

June 16, 2002 2:45 AM PST

source: The Magic Box

Just an interesting note... it seems as though this week's #1 title on the Dengeki Console Game Charts is Shaman King. Pretty cool to see a 2D fighter selling 90,000 and taking the top slot, even if it is by Bandai. I'd never have imagined it, but with both Shaman King and One Piece: Ground Battle 2 doing so well, and a new (albeit very slow) 2D Gundam fighter, Bandai is our current champion for the 2D fighting cause. Until SNK vs. Capcom comes along. I hope.

News: Metal Wolf Demo

June 14, 2002 1:41 AM PST

source: Princess Soft

Prolific adventure game makers Princess Soft have recently released a promo for their upcoming Dreamcast game Metal Wolf. Check it out at their home page http://oaks-soft.co.jp/princess-soft/princess-soft.html (towards the middle of the page) or go straight to the movie. Please note: scantily-clad females, panty-shots, and breast-groping await the viewer.

Review: Kingdom Hearts (Import)

June 13, 2002 9:42 PM PST

source: insert credit

Like the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup commercial: You got your Squaresoft in my Disney! You got your Disney in my Squaresoft! But all sillyness aside, Kingdom Hearts provides an enjoyable action-RPG experience, once/if you get past the hodgepodge of Disney and Squaresoft characters...

Review: Her Knights for GP32

June 12, 2002 2:50 AM PST

source: insert credit

Killer app, must purchase, whatever you would like to call it. The GP32 now has a game that fans of the beat 'em up genre need to take notice of. Part Guardian Heroes and part Samurai Shodown... Byulbram's first GP32 effort, Her Knights, is the best game on the system yet.

Download: Kingdom Hearts and SkyGunner Openings

June 11, 2002 9:44 PM PST

source: insert credit

Couple of reviews in store for you later this week, both for PS2. First up is Squaresoft-developed, Disney-filled action-RPG, Kingdom Hearts, followed by the Atlus-published, Sony/PixelArts-developed anime-styled shooter, SkyGunner. For now, check out the openings to both games, which clock in at 24 and 20 megs, respectively. MS MPEG-4, so most guys should handle it no problem...


Download: Segata Sanshiro at World Cup 98

June 7, 2002 5:44 PM PST

source: insert credit

Remember Segata Sanshiro? The toughest, ass-kickingest mascot ever? While most of his commercials were very simple (Play Sega Saturn or I'll kick your ass!) his commercials for Sega's two World Cup 98 games are arguably his finest work ever. The first one features Segata as the coach for the national team, while the second has him using his judo skills on the field. Truly great stuff. (note: these are encoded in DivX 5.)


News: Midwest Classic This Weekend

June 6, 2002 2:22 PM PST

source: Midwest Classic

The Midwest Classic to be held this Saturday in Milwaukee will feature plenty of classic gaming action, from pinball machines to Pong to Colecovision to Master System to Dreamcast and everything in between. Most interesting will be the presence of many homebrew titles, including Implode by MindRec for PC Engine (Turbo Grafx 16) and many Dreamcast projects as well. Check out their website at http://www.goatstore.com/midclassic2002.htm for more information.

Ikaruga photos

June 4, 2002 8:39 AM PST

source: insert credit

Why, Treasure, why? Why can't we have our Ikaruga? Well, until that joyous day when it decides to show itself on some console, be it Dreamcast or PS2, here are some shots from the arcade version, for those who are not lucky enough to be close to an Ikaruga-equipped arcade...


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