Interview: Treasure's yasushi suzuki

March 13, 2007 7:45 PM PST

yasushi suzuki, as you may recall, is currently working on a manga called Purgatory Kabuki for DrMaster, and did a fair bit of contract work for Treasure, on titles such as Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun, and Sin & Punishment. DrMaster set up an email interview with him for me, which is going in suzuki's artbook soon. You'll see from the brief text here why I never do email interviews, but it's still interesting nonetheless. The best bit of it, you'll find, is where he says he's quite interested in making a game based on the Purgatory Kabuki property.

What made you choose to get into manga at this stage?

It just happened to be at the right time and there was great significance in getting my works overseas.

Is this an original Intellectual Property? Do you own the rights to it?

Yes it is. DGN owns the rights to the brand, Purgatory Kabuki, while I own the rights to the characters Ė though I did cite a few instances from historical facts and anecdotes.

Would you consider expanding the Purgatory Kabuki line into games? Have you pitched it to Treasure?

I will plan the game myself if I had enough resources and good talents (really!). More on this at a later date.

How far do you want the universe of Purgatory Kabuki to stretch, in terms of anime, games, etc?

If there is a clear purpose that promises high quality in each of these media, I am interested in a variety of media. Games, anime, novel, figurines, movie, theaterÖ I love all kinds of entertainment.

I recognize your character art in Ikaruga...what was the thinking behind putting that humanoid character in the opening menu screen? A lot of people have been wondering why he's there.

Mr. Suzuki cannot answer this question. (damn)

What do you feel is a better vehicle for your creative expression, games or manga?

Hmmm. Itís really hard for me to say which one is better. (well done)

Do you foresee continuing to work in the game industry, as well as doing manga?

I see both games and manga as part of my creative work as an artist. I will consider them depending on my goals and purpose.

Working on any games now?

Mr. Suzuki cannot answer this question. (damn x2)

What's Stamp Club? Is that like a print club game or something? What did you do for that? (Apparently itís one of the first Ďgamesí he worked on)

Mr. Suzuki cannot answer this question. (note from editors regarding Stamp Club: It is said that itís an innovative box-shaped gadget that creates stamp from pictures you have taken.)

Sin and Punishment is coming to the Wii, and possibly to the states. Are you excited about new audiences getting to experience this game and your work?

Thereís nothing better for a game than to have more people to play and enjoy them. I am very happy and excited about this! Please enjoy the game!!

What is your fascination with swords?

I guess itís my Japanese soul. Itís an instrument that reflects the ambition, the manners, and the dignity of both the maker and the wielder. Maybe itís the perils in handling the most beautiful weapon that attracts me.

brandon sheffield hates email interviews for a reason