Interview: Windship of Princess Brave team

March 25, 2003 10:22 PM PST

This interview was conducted by my ole pal Yenaphe of GP32 News who got his interview request in just a short while after I posted a retrospective on this project which was long assumed dormant. Clever fellow! As such we decided to collaborate once again, and a good percentafe of the questions are mine. We've known about this title since November 3rd 2002 when a post was made on Rino's now defunkt English GP32 forum. See my original newspost here. Now, on to the interview!

Hi, could you introduce your team to us?

Our team has two members: 'windship' (me) and 'coolu'. I'm performing planning and graphics on this project and 'coolu' covers programming.

What is the story of Princess Brave?

PB's story is very simple. It's based on a comic by my friend - byakko. He drew it when he was in high-school. It was so humourous and funny.

One day, The Dark Lord's gagoyle kidnapped the prince(not princess), so the princess started a journey to rescue her fiance... This is the basic story.

What kind of game is it?

"Princess Brave" is a original action-game project for GP32. It has one characterstic system: 'Point Web'. You'll control the princess and fight against monsters. If you defeat a monster, your 'Point Gauge' will increase. When that gauge reaches capacity, it raises 'Point Stock' by 1 and the gauge returns to zero.

The player can set a vertex by using one point stock. If you have over 3 point stock, you can make a trygon and wrapping aroung monsters, and you can attack them.

Do you expect to make a demo?

We have no running demo yet.

(Editor's note: evasion!)

Any release date yet?

Not fixed yet.

What is current status of the project?

In fact, this is our first project for team. We must make everything. We're building just middle-ware and an engine for PB now. I don't want to lie...

Will there be an english version?

We didn't have a plan for it, but if Korean version will complete successfully, I guess we can do it maybe.

Can you show us some screenshots?


(Editor's note: there are two images to be found at GP32 news that are not on Windship's page. These are here and here.)

Will the game be funded personally or by the cellphone company you work for?

It's an amateur job. There's no funding yet, and no relation with my company at all.

Will Princess Brave be a full boxed release or megagp only?

I want to release PB in both way. I can't expect it exactly now.

How large will this game be, on a 16 or 32 meg SMC?

Sorry. I can't measure it now.

Do you need any help from the GP32 community to make the game release faster?

Yes I want so. I will refer to their opinion if I need. Also, I wanna get more engineers in my team, for projects in the future.

(Editor's note: contact him if interested, removing the usual letters from the address.)

What do you think of the GP32 as a development platform as compared to the cellphones you usually work with.

Hmm. I think that the Cellphone is not true game console. In cellphone, game is just an accessory. It can't give fast screen refresh, clear colour, smart controls, enough source capacity to enjoy game well. Most important problem is, cellphone users are not gamers. They don't want hard core games. They think that gamea are just a way of killing time.

I worked in cellular phone game development for 2 years. The Cellphone is not enough to be a plausible game platform "yet". I think so.

How do you feel about the console in general and the direction it's going now?

I think GP32 is a vrey good platform. It's greater than any cellphone by several times. But unfortunately, this machine have almost no good third-party. GP32's software line-up is so terrible. I'm so sorry about it. I want that more Corean development company must make game for GP32 and support it.

Anything else you could add?

Please await our game with a pleasure. Thanks for your interest. See ya!

brandon sheffield, Yenaphe