live from seoul: tim rogers' 2003 insertcredit fukubukuro
by tim rogers


2003. This is the last prime-numbered year we're going to see until we're old and gray, friends. The last year until 2011, that is.

. . .

Actually, that's all I've got for this. I really don't have much else of an introduction. If you don't share my love of numerology, I guess you could say this pretty much fell flat.

Well, for a change, I'm going to be brief. This is my list of the things that marked 2003 as a year for games, for me -- Tim Rogers. It is not a list of the best games of 2003. It is not a list of the most significant moments in gaming for the year 2003. It's simply . . . a list of things that happened to me, game-related, during the year 2003, that made me think:

I play videogames. This is what I do. I play videogames. Because I am a videogamer.

(That was a little reference for my devoted fans there. You know who you are.)


If this seems, in any way, kind of like a déjà vu -- that's because I did it before. With almost the exact same words. Well, well -- don't worry. For what lies within (and what lies within what lies within) is new, and different, and all about the year 2003.

This one goes out to you, 2003. You didn't exactly kick ass, or even rock. Yet we'll remember you all the same, as the year that inspired me to write this feature.

(*A "fukubukuro" is a bag they sell at department stores on New Years in Japan. It means "lucky bag." It's really just a shopping bag full of various stuff, some of which might really, really suck. Says a friend of mine, "It's possible that you can pay 5,000 yen and get about 10,000 yen worth of stuff. Or that you could pay 10,000 yen and get about 500 yen worth. It's a gamble. Lord knows the Japanese love gambling, and they love games, so here goes.)

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