The Madman's Cafe, April 22nd 1997 - April 1st 2003 (1994-1997 BBS operation)

The Madman's Cafe is no more.
Henry A. Moriarty has bequeathed his site, and his legacy to insert credit.
In a recent email,
Moriarty mentioned that considering his frequent illness,
he could not realistically continue to maintain the Madman's Cafe.
He further suggested that insert credit matched his pure vision for internet gaming news,
and that if anyone should continue on in his spirit, it should be us.

Due to our own financial troubles, this merger seemed like the only viable option.
The Insert Credit Cafe will be positioned as the foremost niche gaming site on the internet,
and we hope that our past supporters will follow us through this difficult time.
While the Madman's Cafe may be gone, it is not forgotten.
We will do our best to live up to the expectations you may have for us as the successors to the throne.

We wish Mr. Moriarty the best of luck, wherever he may be.

- Brandon F. Sheffield

News From 04/01/03

The King Of Fighters GP - First Shots

[ Megaking | Playmore ]

This was unexpected - many of you know that I've been trying to get an interview with Megaking of Korea (makers of Metal Slug 4) for some time now, but have been hampered by the language barrier. I've since come into contact with Han Lee, who has been doing a fair bit of translation work for me. I'm particularly interested in them because they currently hold the license (see MOBILE) to develop and publish games using SNK's licensed characters, for home computer and mobile platforms.

Their latest press release indicates that they'll be releasing KOF 2000 for PS2 in May. So while I did not recieve the interview I desired, Megaking of Korea business manager Sang Woo Kim emailed me some photos from an early build of their next project; KOF GP, for the Korean handheld console GP32. It looks to be developed by Matrix, the mysterious company which was credited in the KOF EX 2 staff roll.

Very interesting to see this game coming back. It was planned roughly a year ago, then promptly recalled. Great to see it coming back! I'll try to get more info on this as it comes, but for now, check out these shots of the game being played on an actual GP32.
Images: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

MxS - New Video

[ Abogado Powers | MxS ]

Abogado powers has updated with their promised MxS promo movie. This one has no naughty bits, so it's safe for view anywhere. Very high quality video, Abogado Powers' production values are soaring higher with each effort.

Incidentally, if you're having trouble finding the movie, the direct link is here.

New Power Instinct: Matrimelee - New Video

[ | Section ] has uploaded a new video of Noise Factory's recent brawler. No sound, but still a very fine watch. Seems to be a much better effort than RotD, if looks do not decieve.

Special thanks to Naruto for the link.

Short Comment- Dodonpachi 3

Arika has released a new video of Dodonpachi 3 - go take a look.

I'm impressed with how seriously this game takes itself, and how much effort Arika are putting into the music and presentation. It's remeniscent of the times when shooters were something more than an afterthought for the public at large. They were the pinnacle of arcade gaming for a time...if only that glory could be reclaimed. - Brandon F. Sheffield

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