Interview: Paul Yoon of Gamepark

February 26, 2003 10:15 AM PST

Gamepark came to the 3gsm expo this year at Cannes, and it was the perfect place to meet them (in Paris in fact).

Editor's Note: Yenaphe met with Paul Yoon, who is COO of Gamepark, second only to Hyoung-Gun Jhoon

Here’s the transcript of our dicussion:

Why are games like “Windy Land” cancelled in spite of being finished?

Well, “Tales of Windy Land” needed to be redone as the quality was poor, and both sides agreed on that. That’s also why “Holeman Racing 2002” is not released yet, it needs to be perfected.

Why are there a bunch of finished games still not released?

We will settle down a release date for GPFight before the end of the month, and it will be released in March, either as a MeGaGp game, or an offline package.

What is the financial situation of GamePark?

The actual situation is absolutely not critical.

Have you a plan for the international MeGaGp release?

Hopefully international users will be able to download MeGaGp games in the first ˝ 2003.

What are you doing to fight the 3rd party dissatisfaction with GamePark?

We have not heard such a thing, so we don’t know where these rumors come from.
Editor’s note: Direct from the 3rd parties, where else?

How many GP32 have really been sold?


What is the best selling title? The worst selling title?

The top 3 are: ASR, followed by Her Knights and Tomak.
The last one is Tanggle Magic Squares.

Will you go this year to E3 or ECTS?

We have not decided yet.

Could you give a complete English API documentation to the amateur developers?

Well we do have one in Korean. The problem we are facing is that nobody at the R&D department speaks English, and for now we do have to much work to get someone doing it. We hope to be able to translate it soon.

Where is the new English developer’s forum? And the links to the English sdk?

We are working on the new English version, but the old one is still online, so you can still find the sdk there.

Is the library debugging finished yet?

No not yet.

Where is the phone <-> GP32 communication that the ad banner promotes on the official website?

Well, this costs too much for end user, but it is technically possible. It’s a proof of concept.
Editor’s note: i.e. vaporware.

Will you make a driver to use the GP32 as a PC game joypad?

Well it is possible, but for now we are working with Team K2yaa on a new USB driver for GP32 that will make your computer detect it as a mass storage driver. We are also planning to support Mac Os.

Have you ever thought to produce accessories like backlight and batteries?

We are dealing with Nanotech on this matter right now.

Where the GP32 is most sold, outside of Korea?


Tomak is out of stock for like 2 months now, are you planning to restock it?

Yes of course, the version restocked will be the patched one.

Have you got a game list release for 2003?

Yes, here is the list of secured titles to come in 2003:

First ˝ 2003:

GP Fight
DarkStory R
Tears Contact Part1
Cutey Fatty
Winter is...
Chess – The Emotion Wars

econd ˝ 2003:

Bloody Cross
Gransta Chronicle (renamed 'Wizard of the still sun')
Story of Bug Eyed Monster

Why are no games other than Gamepark’s that use GPLink?

Well TTGO to be released this year is 4-player GPLinked, and the demo version of Bloody Cross which is soon to be available will feature 2 players GPLinked.

Are you still developing games for GP32?


What are your thoughts on GBA SP and SMC reader for GBA?

Well GBA SP just corrects some weakness of the GBA like front light.
SMC maker won’t be that important.

And what about the Flash Player?

Hopefully it will be released this year, maybe even before Q3 2003.

What are your reactions regarding Bandai’s announcement?

We are sad to see that Bandai has halted the manufacturing of WonderSwan Crystal, but we welcome them to develop on GP32!

It seems that GamePark still does not know whether to market the GP32 as a game machine or a media player.

GP32 is a game centric multimedia device. Also the new bios will feature an enhanced version of the mp3 player.

Anything else?

Well I would like to apologize for failing to reply to emails, and I’m pleased to announce that we are about to hire someone to help me on this task. In fact I was too busy to reply to everyone.

And I would like to tell all GP32 owners to be patient, as we are planning lots of things regarding the GP32’s future. Stay tuned!

Yenaphe would like to thank Hando from gp32xtreme, Brandon from insert credit, and all the community who helped me to gather questions.