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GDC 2004: day 3
by brandon sheffield


Early this morning, I picked up our ol' pal Vincent Diamante at the San Jose airport with an uncomfortably tall Eric-Jon wedged into the front seat of my Honda prelude. The three of us were on our way to the third day of the Game Developers Conference (the day all the cool kids start on, you know); the first time that there would be more than one active insert credit staffer at the event.

We headed almost-straight to the 'secret' parking lot I discovered last year; the one that costs five dollars and only remains secret until the fourth day, when all the 'cool kids' tell their friends about it. From there we bolted for the press room, and disaster struck: no muffins left.

While collecting our passes, we discussed muffins with other gaming press: why were there no muffins? How might a person go about the acquisition of additional muffins? Clearly there was a muffin deficit. There was no answer in sight; we had to make do with coffee and soda. That's... like food.

As the exhibit hall did not open until 11:30, and we had arrived at 10:45, we had some waiting to do. Vince made some phone calls (he has trying to get a job, the fool); Eric-Jon and I stood around outside, being gawked at (he for his oversized Maine mystique, me for the four belts I had on my ladies' designer pants).

We planned the day's flow: we would attend some conferences this time; we might even write about them. We would find Jane of Game Girl Advance fame, and see what she was up to. I put my bets on mirthful smirking. We would find Simon Carless: he of the slashdot, and badger him just because he’s British. A quick perusal of our event sheet proved he was hosting a round table within the hour -- this, we selected as our first conference.

By now we had killed enough time, and could enter the main suite. The GDC's show floor was even more low-key than last year, with few real surprises (compared to last year's Makaimura Online, and the first US showing of the Eyetoy). We decided to check out Tapwave’s Zodiac, while waiting for Jane to show up. That thing really is wondrous to behold; it is competent as both a PDA and a gaming device. We were even more astonished with how thin and lightweight it was -- not cheap-light, but convenient-light. The stylus worked well; solid construction; good backlight; nice speakers; comfortable D-pad. It was a satisfying piece of machinery to hold.

'Round about now, Jane walked up.

I won the smirk bet.

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