Feature: GDC - Ghouls & Ghosts

By brandon sheffield.

March 8, 2003 11:59 PM PST

Day five was the final leg of the GDC, so today I tied up any loose ends that I felt needed covering. Perhaps most importantly of these...well, just read on.

Zona had some very, very interesting things on display here. Given that the show floor hours are reduced by three hours on day five, only the two most Ďimportantí will be addressed here.

Ghouls and Ghosts Online. I was utterly shocked to see this game at the show, considering the fact that theyíre realistically looking at a late-term 2004 release. There was a demo on display, which showed several of the characters in action, as well as some enemy models. The graphics are excellent, and utterly true to the series from what I can see so far. I will say that the cartoonish color scheme has been ditched in favor of something a bit more realistic, but itís a change I can live with, as I think it probably widens the accessibility of the game.

The actual playable demo was coded in seven weeks, and features no enemies of any kind. There are a variety of structures to investigate, an underground dungeon and a few outside areas. There is limited interaction with the environment at this point, the game being really a pre-alpha. Had this exhibit been at E3, thereís no way in hell that I would have been able to take all of the footage that I did, thatís how early this game is.

But even so, Arthurís offspring runs the way he should, swings his lance (doesnít throw it!), can double jump, has a special jump attack, and can interact with stairs and other rudimentary objects. He can still walk through most walls at this point, but I love the fact that the game was even here. Be sure to check for the movies when they surface this weekend.

Itís developed by a Taiwanese company Game Factory, all of whom are depicted at the end of the G&G promo vid youíll be seeing in a matter of time. A bit of an announcement (as far as I know) is that according to the official Zona press kit, Game Factory has signed on for not one but two G&G projects, the second of which is called Ghouls & Ghosts match fight, which sounds like a fighter, bit I cannot confirm this until I check with someone. What is certain is that the game exists, and is currently under development by Game Factory.

brandon sheffield


Promo Video

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Overworld Running

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Overworld Jumping

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More Jumping

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