Preview: GDC - Eyetoy

By brandon sheffield.

March 8, 2003 11:59 PM PST

The EyeToy is a PS2-compatible Logitec camera, designed to aesthetically match the console. The camera points at the player, and reads your motions in order to control the game, much like the webcam games floating about the net. Packed with the device is a collection of 12 minigames (seen here in beta version), with more unlockable. These games range from window washing, boxing, smacking down attacking ninjas with a board breaking bonus round, bouncing a soccer ball with your head, and a rather fun rhythm game (not as complex as parapara paradise though).

The EyeToy does a good job of recognizing your motions once you adjust it to your height, and is I suppose the next generation move from the current crop of webcam games. Itís very fun to use; you actually watch yourself on the screen, which is how you react to the elements youíre faced with.

The software is being developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (London Studio), so the game we played today operates on a PAL frequency. As of yet there is no release date, not even a quarter estimate. No price point either, in fact, thereís no guarantee that the thing will even be released, so I got a fair bit of video of the product, which will be displayed in subsequent days.

Thereís one interesting element that I didnít get to see Ė you can record short clips of video and audio via the camera, and save it to your PS2 memory card. There are lots of cool applications for this potentiallyÖthe idea of games being made to incorporate your own video and or audio clips is really exciting, though I donít know that anything of this nature is planned. It remains an interesting possibility.

The concept artistís work looks very much like the fellow who did the art for all of the Gorillaz videos, as a side note.

According to the mini-flyer they distributed, this is the game designed to get your girlfriend to play the PS2. Definitely aimed at an incredibly wide audience.

brandon sheffield


Beat 'em Up

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Keeping Rhythm

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