Interview: Game Park

August 2, 2002 2:53 PM PST

ic: First off, thanks for taking the time to answer these questions.

Game Park: No problem. Anytime.

ic: Any solid release dates for Capcom's titles yet? Or Guilty Gear?

Game Park: Unfortunately, we cannot confirm anything as of now… However, we are currently in final talks with a developer per porting and once we are done with technical evaluations we can then estimate lead time and announce the release date that that time.

ic: Have any new developers signed on to make games for the GP32, and if so where can we look at their progress/past work (ie their website)?

Game Park: Well, there’s been a flurry of exchange of technical info going on between developers both at GP32 developer site and developer’ community forums. To our knowledge, there aren’t any that have posted up their work in progress. The interest is rising, however, and increasing still!

ic: Since E3, have sales gone up to any degree?

Game Park: Monthly sales have increased 1.5 times since E3 and this figure continues to increase... While our E3 exposure was certainly helpful, the Korean Gaming Market in whole has been looking very positive since May. We’ve been promoting add-on multimedia capacities for GP32 and have benefited also from word-of-mouth recommendations by GP32 users (which is always a great help)

ic: How close are you to making that 100,000 sales mark which will inspire more prominent Korean developers to sign on?

Game Park: We expect to break the 100,000 mark by first Quarter next year. At this time, we are suggesting Korean developers to think of it as investing in the future.

ic: Are you still on track for the release of the GPI? What will be included with it at launch?

Game Park: We are working hard on developing GPI. It will include two Killer Network Games at launch. We are currently negotiating the network games and will announce the titles when the time approaches.

ic: I know the hardware will be roughly $350 US... How much will the network service cost?

Game Park: We do not have final plans.

ic: How are the Linux and Windows programs coming along for GPI? Are they completed?

Game Park: Linux is complete and works perfectly. There are no longer any plans for Windows…

ic: Will the 3D2GO technology be included in upcoming renditions of the official/amateur SDKs? Or will it be a seperate 'update' or add-on package?

Game Park: 3D2GO™ will probably be included in the SDK. mTaff developed this engine, which enables 3D mobile content development to add more functionality for GP32. 3D2Go was developed for other GP32 Third Party Games as well as mTaff’’s games.

3D2GO™, is the 3D mobile content development engine based on Taff System’s ‘3D Simulation Technology’ and developed by mTaff’s US company, 3d4W Corp. It delivers dynamic 3D visualization on mobile devices, optimizing the limited screen size and slower speed on mobile devices.

ic: Who plans to use the 3D2GO technology in their games so far...other than mTaff?

Game Park: “3D2GO™” engine for GP32 will be completed by end of 2002. It will include development tools to enable 2D based Content Providers to develop their own proprietary 3D content. Once the 3D Engine development is completed, other 3D games for the GP32, including Fishing Mania will be released by Taff System.

ic: How have you addressed the issue of sound compression in the current SDK. It has made most games so far have unnatural peaks and thus lower quality. Has anything been done to remedy that?

Game Park: Well, the sound quality on the GP32 module is fine. The developers must control volume in order to overcome compression problems. The sound quality on a game like Her Knights is perfect.

editor’s note: check our interview with Byulbram to see that this is not quite true…default sound optimization on the SDK is poor.

ic: When will Game Park be releasing its next game? We've heard nothing from the company itself in terms of software since Treasure Island...

Game Park: Please refer to the lineup of software release attached to this document.

editor’s note: there aren’t actually any games on there from Game Park…oh well!

ic: Do you plan to release the early abandoned GP32 games soon? Like Showdown, Highmoss, etc.

Game Park: It may be included in the GP32’s Free Download Site that will open in 3Q 2002. The Download Site will contain games developed by amateur developers or unfinished games for download. Once we have more definite info, we will release the press material.

ic: Is there any chance that SNK will sign back on as a developer?

Game Park: Hmm, no idea…

ic: Has the DivX player received any particular improvements in terms of speed and power use?

Game Park: Yes, DivX Player has been seen more improvements since the prototype version we displayed at E3. We will release more details at a later time.

ic: Any more solid plans for the US release?

Game Park: Not yet.

Thanks again to Game Park for giving us another interview…more developer interviews to come soon!!

Brandon Sheffield