Interview: Byulbram

October 3, 2002 3:07 AM PST

ic: Hello again, Byulbram! Weíve a few more questions for you...first of all, when will the Her Knights level editor English version be completed?

Byulbram: Translation in the application file is done, but user's guide is not done yet (it's my laziness). In fact, I doubt there's anyone who really wants to use it (In the Korean version, just a few users made his own user stages). I'll finish it if somebody wants it...(please e-mail me)

Any screenshots for Bloody Cross? This is certainly one of the most highly anticipated new GP32 titles.

Byulbram: Screen shot is not ready yet. But just some character graphics are available (animated gif) as for why there's no screen shot, we're using 'Her knightís graphics to build up the main engine...

So, it kind of looks the same as 'Her Knights' at the moment... (same background, same characters...looks same in screen shots.) now, the main engine is almost built up, and we are making unique characters of Bloody cross.

Ah, some Her Knights characters are also playable in Bloody Cross. Maybe they'll be hidden characters, activated by original 'Her knights' SMC. (Insert Her Knights SMC on Bloody Cross game)

ic: Youíve undoubtedly heard of mTaffís 3D engine. Have you any plans to utilize the software once it becomes available? CoB perhaps?

Byulbram: It could be used on Children of Beasts. But, it's not sure just yet.

ic: Game Park mentioned in our last interview with them that upon launch of the GPI they would release two 'killer network titles.' Could one of those titles perhaps be Children of Beast?

Byulbram: I don't know what Game Park means... ^_^;
But, I think it might be about bloody cross. Children of beast is available for network too... but it's 2003 line up. So I think they wouldnít mean that.

ic: Can you give us some information regarding the original Her Knights RPG for PC? Is there any chance of an English translation?

Byulbram: There's not even a site for English yet... (in fact, original Korean page is almost ruined..) It's text is too much for translation (200,000 line text)... and Iíve given up on it. T_T
If there's some chance, I want to introduce it in English pages.. and English version.

ic: Any further info on the Her Knights arcade version?

Byulbram: Not yet either. Sorry!

<ed.'s note: Of course since then itís been seen at ECTS>

ic: Referring again to our latest Game Park interview, I asked about the sound problems imbedded with their professional SDK. They said that there was no problem, and pointed to Her Knights as a game with no audio problems. But I think we both know that there were problems. Care to comment further?

Byulbram: Game Park's SDK has problems. Itís true. I told it to Game Park, and asking them for some breakpoints. Primary problem is, SDK can't regulate the maximum cap on mixing sounds over and over...and if sound gets larger for mixing, total sound runs over the limit and crashes. So, they(Game Park) made problematic solution. If sounds must overlap, they donít mix it 100%+100%. They mix 50% + 50%... It can avoid max-over crash in many cases, but volume is calmed down when mixing... It's not good. (We can hear if some sounds overlap, sound's are quieter when they should be's really weird) We changed the sound engine to 100% + 100% and so maximum cap bug is also a threat. So, we made all sound files in smaller volume, so it's sum for 4 times can't peak it. Every thing has 25% volume sound. Mix it up 4 times, 25+25+25+25 and you can't get over 100. In the SDK it's allways 100% and when you mix it up, 25%(volume down) it feels like mute.

I'm mentioning it to Game Park, SDK will be changed.

ic: Are you still working with Mr. Uhm as a programmer? Anything else new to report?

Byulbram: I'm working with Mr. Uhm now a days too. ^_^ Warcraft 3 made me slow down work progression for 2 weeks, but I quit it. After vacation, I'm running for Bloody Cross. Itíll be on market at December. Look forward to it!

This is where our communication stopped. If all goes well, this interview will eventually be complimented by a part the second. Naturally I thank Byulbram for taking time out of his very busy schedule (he's so prolific for having such a small team!) and look forward to our next conversation.

Brandon Sheffield