Interview: B2B

October 20, 2002 11:30 PM PST

ic: So how long has your team been together? Tell us something about your group's members.

B2B: TeamB2B has been around since october 2001. At that time, the team's goal is winning contest of Game for a Handset Virtual Machine. I talked about that contest with my friend KaOKaO as the team's Game Designer. But we didn't make a game at that time. After some days, I met Agla - he's an Image designer. 3 days before the contest's d-day, we started making game 'Dungeon 99 Floor'. In fact, we missed that contest because we sent our result to them after d-day. So we were discouraged and didn't do anything about games.

Since then I made programs about other genre - Utilities and others. At that time, our 1st Team website was made too. After some months, WebServer is changed and our site is broken till lately. Nowadays, I renewed the team's site and it's the current site that you saw.

Let me introduce about us simply:

GameDesigner's nickname is KaOKaO(Hyun-il Jang). He's a game designer in his real job, also.

Agla(Juha Lee) is team's dot-designer and sub-game-designer. but he's so busy nowadays.

Tes(Hyung-tae Jang) is a faithful dot-designer. Currently he's on temporary absence from school.

Iliel(Hyo-jin Kim) is unique person in our team, she's the youngest and girl!! Wow!!

ic: When and why did you decide on SF2? Is it Championship Edition?

B2B: When it was April 2002, I decided to make SF2.

Long time ago I had some interest about embedded system. About 2 weeks before the day of GP32 SDK release, I heard about GP32 from KaOKaO. When I downloaded GP32 SDK, I ask to myself, "what can I make?". I couldn't get original image and game design because my team's members were busy. And I was not good at various games, i could not make a game specification. So, I decided to make SF2. It's a familiar game. And several years ago some korean amature developer made SF2 data. I make a converter that converts old-sf2-data to mrc (initials of "my resource"..hehe) file. Because the data was ready, I could make SF2 - my project is not complete..i know...
- Thanks again, Sprite makers...

and I don't know whether it is Championship edition or not...i just use characters sprite data.

ic: Is this a straight port, or are you re-writing the code? If so, are there any plans for extra characters?

B2B: I re-write code sure.

SF2 just executes actions of mrc description. There's so many extra characters already -Sf2's character and characters from other game -

ic: What is your planned date of completion for the project? What will you work on after this?

B2B: I hope It's over in December...But i dont know when it will be completed. Lastest version of SF2 for GP32 made 04/25/2002...As fact, I haven't worked on it...but will restart from November 2002.

ic: Any plans for ADIC 2002?

B2B: No plans about it currently...

ic: Anything else you want to say to the readers?

B2B: Thanks for your interest for SF2 for GP32. Of course I continue SF2 Project. And my team will make SF2 but other games on GP32 and PDA...Just see..

Thanks to Chang w. Doh for the interview...we hope to see a more fully realized demo soon!

Brandon Sheffield