Feature: TGS Report

October 1, 2002 6:03 PM PST

Native Frenchman Emeric Lebeau, also known as Naruto from the MadMan's Cafe forum recently posted his thoughts marking his attendance of the Tokyo Game Show in Japan this past month. He's been kind enough to allow us to reprint his impressions (slightly edited), along with the pictures he was able to take at that time. Please remember that this is not to be taken as a statement by Insert Credit, and the views expressed here are those of Emeric alone, unless otherwise noted.


About the pics, first it seems that my cam wasn't quick enough, so many pics are much too blurry or shaken(!) but some of them are OK.
<ed.'s note: Images are very large in order to retain the quality of the originals.>

Now let's talk about the show, I will talk only about those games most interesting to me.

For each game I will put the name, the support, P=played and NP= nonplayed, and a last a percentage of interest in the game. (this one is just IMO the future success of the game.)

Ok let's start! As you know the show take place at chiba at the Makuari Messe. Two mysteries this year, first no NINTENDO I find it weird that they miss a show like this one really I didn't find why <ed.ís note: Spaceworld?>... The other things was a poster that you can by at Square shop who shows a new style Yuna with nothing on it to tell from where it comes from. <ed.ís note: the tomb raider style pic for the FFX side story.>

Guilty Gear XX: PS2 :P
Well Sammy showed this new game and for me it was the first time I've played it. IMO I didn't find it excellent. It a good game right, but it look's more like a GGX 2.5 for me, only 4 new characters just background change (why didn't they keep the old ones to make them change between round???). And Zappa, the characters were looking more a like Darkstalker and I find that the SaDako-like ghost just gives him a stupid look and moves.
Better than the X version anyway and still a good game.

What a shock! This game looks awesome, itís got some real cool graphics, and the CG scenes are just some of the best I've ever seen. The battle parts look cool with a good characters design, and some cool FX.
A good RPG for what I've see.


K.chuji: X BOX : P
The mysterious fighting game of the Xbox. A disaster, I never saw so bad a fighting game, even MK 1 is better! Sad, because it has some really good graphics, but the game play is stupid, and the characters of the game have the same charisma as a donut....
just forget it!

Felix the time sweeper.: XBOX : NP
Thatís a major good news! A real good game on XBOX. This is a Jak and daxter like game. You play as Felix the cat. The graphics are amazing and the game play seems to follow.
I'm really waiting for this one!

Battle Houshin: G-Cube : P
A cool beat Ďem up for the Cube, nice graphics and a cool scenario. It just can be boring for those who didn't like the style.
Already available in Japan I wish to see it soon on a US version.

Crimson sea: Xbox: P
A cool shooting game like Gun ValkyrieSadly it wasn't complete, I can play only 1 character on 6 and some move seems to be hidden. I think that a full version with different ability to each characters could become a really good game, since the Graphics are pretty good.

Mortal Kombat DA. PS2 : NP
Well a MK... as always no real techniques in it, just some weapon added with some soul caliber effect. Still gore, and some good graphics.
Not interesting IMO.

Unlimited saga : PS2 :P
Whoa! I've to wait 30 min to play it but it worth it! This game is Magnificent! It has some marvelous cell shaded graphics, a new and cool game play. The magic FX were great and it was only the level ones. It seems that the scenario will be really interesting. For what I've seen there will be something like 8 playable characters in the final version.
A really good game!


KH final Mix: PS2 : NP
Just a movie of the (IMO lame) Disney adventure. <ed.'s note: See oure review here for our views> It seems that this version will have more stuff than the US. Sure the 3 new bosses are here but theyíve added some new technique and new key blade too!!It seems that Ansem is more present, and the secret stuff of the old version is now in the game. Like you have to fight with the black hooded guy, and he seems to fight with some light saber thingy. The last part show us in a CG movies a little black hooded guy (like in the secret ending) that try to smash the screen with his key blade but when he's stopping you can see two big black head on it!! (OMG what they have done...!!!!)
95% (the square part is good!)

FF1 and FF2 remake: PS :NP
Just a movie that shows the new CG movies of the games nothing interesting to see so.....


FF tactics: GBA : NP
ARG!! I didn't have time to play it, but for what I see it's very close to the 1st one.The graphics are really good for the GBA and the game seems to have as much variety as the 1st one too.
It seems not finished anyway, but I'm sure this will be a good one!


Shinobi: PS2 :P
What a major blast!!!!!!!!This game is amazing!! My favorite of this TGS. The graphics and game play is really great, you just have too see it when you run along the wall and then jump up from foe to foe, when you've smashed all you guy takes a really good pose and you see them split in half behind you! More cool than strider our ninja!
A really good game, and for what I saw in the CG movies, it seems that it's got a good scenario too!


Ferrari F355 challenge: PS2 :NP
Just an adaptation of the arcade game, but a very well done adaptation.

Skies of Arcadia: G-CUBE: NP
I just see movies, it looks close to the PS2 version with a little update in the graphics and a new character: a girl named Pistol who fight with a big cythe.

The House of the Dead 3 : XBOX :NP
Like the old one with better graphics, nothing really new.

Panzer Dragoon Orta: X-BOX : NP
COOL! the best game on xbox I've ever seen! The graphics are just amazing and it got the same magic that the 2 first episode had. A really good shoot 'em up to come on the Microsoft machine.
I wait for it!

Anubis Zone of the Ender: PS2 :NP
Well a sequel of the 1st one but no differences between them. Same graphics and same game play so nothing interesting to tell on this one.
<ed.ís note: I believe the graphics are improved, myself. Iím looking forward to it>

Sillent Hill 3: Ps2 :NP
Just some movies that show us a game with really good graphics. This time you play as a girl and it seems that you can travel between two world, the 1st one is just a dark city, the other seems to be a demon dimension of where you are.
Have to wait for a more advanced version.

Metal Gear Substance: PS2 : P
I just have to play some VR mission on it the rest of the game wasn't showed so...
No real evolution though.

Contra: PS : P
An old game is back! It continues to be like a 2D shooter with some 3D graphics (Strider2 like) Still fun, and those who have liked the old ones on Super Nintendo will be happy to see this one.

Otogi: Xbox: NP
A From Software game. Seems to be a beat Ďem up/RPG like game. Very impressive graphics but seems to be very very boring for what I see.
Sad with Graphics like those, it could be a better game.

NINJA Gaiden: Xbox : NP
What bullshit!!!! For what I see nobody was playing it!! Just a Shinobi rip-off, with some choppy animation and a ninja that can run on walls (?!?!?!?!?!)
Well a bad game IMO.

DEAD or ALIVE Xtreme: xbox: NP
Just a movie and the tape was out of order when I was there so nothing to say. Sorry!

Clock tower 3: PS2 :NP
I just see that game. Nothing really great to tell I just saw a CG movie where a big maniac guy smash a 10 year old girl with an huge hammer, then you see your heroine climb up some stairs and in a corner of the stair the little maid that goes down (Fell??) and smash her face on the wall. It ends with the little girl covered with blood on the stair and the maniac chasing you. IMO I've nothing against gore games, I'm an RE fan but to see the kid smashed and run to finish her self on the wall....
I think this time they've gone too far...

Devil may Cry 2: PS2 :P
Since many movies are already around the net, I won't tell many thing on it. It the same as before, with a new bestiary, a minor graphic update, and some new moves. We know now that the red haired lady is called Lucia and she fights with some Knives. Dante still has his sword and guns, and can always change into his demon form.
The game look more impressive anyway with itís new outside background.

Breath of fire 5: PS2 : NP
Just a movie, it shows many things that we already know, and just some pics show something new. Now we know that dragons are back, a quick scene show us some human/dragon characters ( like in BOF 4).
Still very interesting.

Tales of destiny 2.: PS2 :NP
I just dream about this game! Itís the same as the 1st one 1000 times better! Divine like graphics, an amazing Anime intro, and some of the better characters I've ever seen. A second great game of this TGS IMO.
Wait for it!!!


That all for now.
Just know that they were many miscellaneous games, like a fighting game on Samurai's deeper Kyo (think of tag-team Last Blade) the sequel of Capcom lawyer simulation and an amazing number of Gundam games.



Thus ends Naruto's report. Again, these comments are not to be taken as the views of Insert Credit, but rather just another opinion to use as a tool to glean the truth for yourself. Thanks very much to Naruto for letting us share his views of the show...next time we hope to be there as well!!

Brandon Sheffield