Feature: Mini-Griffon Studio interview

September 28, 2002 2:10 PM PST

source: insert credit / BS

You could be able to see a bit from our homepage (www.griffonstudio.net). We three programmers were gathered to make/port games for GP32, and Friday the 13th (or F13 for shout) is the first attempt. Because we didn't know each other very well, we had to make a simple game.

About 2 years ago, I had a self-motivated project called 'Mapagong'. At that time, it was designed as a mini muti-player game for PC, but the project was stopped at a bit early stage, because my friend who were supposed to make the server for the game got hired from a game company and became too busy for the project.

So, I showed this unfinished game to the other members of our team, and we agreed that this is a simple enough (but not too simple) game to try. We worked together, rather very diligently, to make this game, F13. Because two of us are living in Korea and I'm living in USA, the project has been going on only through internet.

Anyways, F13 now has only the first stage, and the boss of the first stage is not finished yet. As the project goes on, we realized that (1) we want to commercialize this game (at a very cheap price, possibly through MegaGp), (2) we need a good graphic artist. It's a kind of egg-or-hen problem, like, we need money to get a good graphic artist, but we have to make money, and to make money, our game needs better graphic. So, we decided to open a homepage of us, to encourage artists to contact us.

At the moment, F13 is waiting for an artist. My hope is that, we can find a skilled person for the graphic, retouch the graphic, finish the first stage, and contact Gamepark to see if we can commercialize this game. If it goes well, we will add more stages.

Meanwhile, we have a different project going on (guess what 3 programmers can do). I bet many people are waiting for this project rather than the first one, but I can't tell you about this project yet, for it's confidential.

Thanks to Pion for his information and his time. Expect a full interview once the 'second project' is announced.